We would like to welcome all passengers to Tampere Film Festival’s guided tour in London! During two screenings we will explore the different sides of the rough yet beautiful metropolis. 

Leicester Square, located in the heart of the city, faces tens of thousands of passers-by every day. Tourists are lured in with different variations of the iconic ”Keep Calm And…” motto. Despite the overuse, it is important we remember the origin of the slogan. During WWII, London was bombed time and time again, but even the raging war could not stop the city’s beating heart. The everyday day life during the war era is commemorated by archive film from the 1940’s, London Can Take It.

Brick Lane is the ultimate destination of wannabe trendsetters, art students and posh hipsters. The street is rough around the edges in the just the right way. Konnichiwa Brick Lane is a lighthearted romcom following a young Japanese woman. She loses and finds love in just one day, in the multicultural melting pot of Brick Lane.

Traveling to North London shows a different side to metropolitan life, when a mildew-smelling studio apartment is shared among three roommates. This reality, a total opposite to the city center’s jet set lifestyle, is depicted in the film Community.

After crossing Zone 3 one is in desperate need for a distraction. In Canary Wharf business district stylishly clothed investors and bankers are rushing in and out of shiny skyscrapers. Do they ever get a chance to stop and take a dip in the nearby pond? Dog Days takes us for a swim during the hottest night of the year.

In the south of river Thames yet a new landscape unfolds. A traveler, in search for a cozy pub, finds locked doors and planked windows instead. The Elephant Without a Tail demonstrates the urban change witnessed in Blackheath and Elephant & Castle.

Back in central London, right by the river, a group of young boys is practicing their athletic tricks fearlessly. Documentary film Art of Motion is an ode to parkour, a sport that seems to hold a deeper philosophical meaning to its exercisers.