If you have S-Etukortti Card, today is the perfect day to show it at our ticket booths, because S-Etukortti Card holders gain free admission to all the Thursday screenings of the Festival. Please present the S-Etukortti Card at the Festival’s own ticket booths to claim your free ticket (1 ticket/screening).

Today there are several films screened in the International Competition of the Festival:

International Competition 2: Queerscenes at 11 am
International Competition 3: Work, Work, Work  at 4 pm
International Competition 4: All Same All Different at 9 pm
International Competition 5: Nomanslands at 1.30 pm
International Competition 10: Producing Adults at 6.30 pm

National Competition includes four feature-length documentaries (no re-run) and one short film screening:

National Competition 3: The Forest Cartel Case (Jani Salminen 2020) and Mystical Lumberjack (Mikko Mattila, 2019) at 11 am
National Competition 4: Conductivity (Anna-Karin Grönroos, 2019) at 1.30 pm
National Competition 5: The Beloved Daughter (Tiina Madisson, 2019) at 6.30 pm
National Competition 6: My Dear Mother (Paul Anders Simma, 2019) at 9 pm
National Competition 11 at 4 pm

Kurdistan 1 will be screened at Plevna 6 at 12.00, and the Climate programme continues today with the second short film screening and a feature-length documentary film Khartoum Offside.

Pilvi Takala will have her retrospective today at 2 pm, and Autour de Minuit 1 screening will present us magnificent animations at 10 pm.

Programmes of Australian First Nations, Midnight Mov(i)es and EFA Shorts will continue today and TAMK’s TFF Party will finish off the day at 10pm –5 am.

Photo by Jani Rutanen