Tampere Bootcamp tuo tänä vuonna Tampereelle suuren joukon nuoria elokuvantekijöitä Kiinasta, Saksasta, Venäjältä sekä Suomesta. Noin 60 nuorta elokuvakouluissa opiskelevaa nuorta tekijää kokoontuu yhteen esittelemään elokuviaan sekä keskustelemaan elokuvanteosta ammattilaisten johdolla.

Tampere Bootcamp on intensiivinen viiden päivän mittainen koulutus- ja verkostoitumistapahtuma. Tampere Bootcampin perusta on opiskelijoiden omat elokuvat, jotka luovat pohjan keskustelulle, workshopeille ja luennoille. Lisäksi osanottajille tarjotaan ainutlaatuinen mahdollisuus saada yksilöityä palautetta omista elokuvistaan alan ammattilaisilta.

Tampere Bootcamp tarkastelee elokuvan elinkaarta hyvin monipuolisesti, käsikirjoituksesta kuvauksen kautta elokuvan myyntiin sekä levittämiseen. Myös länsimaisen ja aasialaisen elokuvan eroavaisuudet sekä samankaltaisuudet nousevat esiin, sillä noin puolet Tampere Bootcampin osallistujista saapuu Tampereelle Kiinasta; muut osallistujat ovat Saksasta sekä Suomesta.

Tampereen Elokuvajuhlien muu ohjelmisto vahvistaa sekä tukee Tampere Bootcampin sisältöjä sekä antaa mahdollisuuden kokea mukaansatempaavan festivaalitunnelman.

Tampere Bootcampin kaikille avoimet näytökset:
TAMPERE BOOTCAMP: WELCOME Ke 6.3. | Klo 10.30 | Hällä | Vapaa pääsy | VAIN ENGLANNIKSI
TAMPERE BOOTCAMP 1 Ke 6.3.| Klo 13 | Hällä | Vapaa pääsy | VAIN ENGLANNIKSI
TAMPERE BOOTCAMP 2 To 7.3. | Klo 10 | Mediapolis | Vapaa pääsy | VAIN ENGLANNIKSI
TAMPERE BOOTCAMP 3 Pe 8.3. | Klo 10 | Hällä | Vapaa pääsy | VAIN ENGLANNIKSI

Mukana ovat:

Communication University of China, TV school

Established in 1954, Communication University of China(CUC), located in Beijing, China, has an enrollment of over 14,000 students. With 6 faculties, 1 innovation center, and 5 schools, CUC excels in the discipline of Journalism and Broadcasting and Television.

TV school in CUC is known as the oldest and most prestigious institute in the Broadcasting and Television field. It puts emphasis on video creation and has cultivated talents in filming. For the past 15 years, the faculty has devoted to organizing film festivals for university students. So far, it undertakes one main brand activities: Vision Youth Awards, during which the students organize influential activities such as screenings in more than 100 universities across China and abroad, forum for young directors and awarding ceremonies.

Midsummer Studio

Midsummer Studio relies on the Communication University of China and the “Vision Youth Award”, which is one of the biggest international student’s festival in China. It is currently the largest film festival information resource aggregation platform and film festival curatorial institution in China. Midsummer cooperates with dozens of well-known film festivals at home and abroad. We are devoting to establish the most convenient festival platform for Chinese young directors.

Our WeChat official account: MidsummerMedia

HFF Munich At Bernd-Eichinger-Platz

“Filmmaking is the finest profession in the world.” Florian Gallenberger should know. He studied film directing at HFF Munich. First his film Quiero ser won a Student Academy Award, directly followed by an Oscar for best short film. Today, Florian Gallenberger continues to make movies, while teaching students as an honorary professor at HFF Munich.

Do you too dream of making filmmaking your profession? At HFF Munich, one of the most renowned film schools in German-speaking countries, you can choose one of five courses of study.

Since its founding in 1966, or rather since instruction began in 1967, HFF Munich has trained the movie talents of tomorrow. The school’s illustrious alumni include Caroline Link, Doris Dörrie, Bernd Eichinger, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Wim Wenders and Roland Emmerich. During the early years, classes were held in a villa in Schwabing, until their relocation to a former bed-spring factory in the Giesing section of Munich in 1988. Finally, in September 2011, the school moved to its newly built facility in the heart of the Munich art district. Here, all our study programs have been united under one roof. From its film and television studios to a separate post-production wing, plus its three screening rooms – our center offers all the facilities needed to make both filmmaking and film studies the finest activity in the world.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) – The Degree Programme in Media, Film and Television

Our mission is to give the students a broad understanding of genres, styles and production workflows of film, television and related areas. The specialisations include production, screenwriting, cinematography, editing and sound design. In addition to that, there are options to learn e.g. directing, documentary, and animation. We want to explore the new delivery platforms and transmedia concepts of the future, but keep in mind the art traditions in the field too.

Our courses are taught mainly in Finnish, but our perspective is international. In Mediapolis campus we co-operate with our Degree Programme in Media and Arts (taught in English) and with the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation (Yle) and private companies.

In addition to BA degrees, we have three master’s degree programs: MA in Screenwriting and MA in Emerging Media, both in English, and MA in Media Production in Finnish.