International Competition

The Grand Prix of the International Competition at the Tampere Film Festival goes to documentary Dulce by Angello Faccini and Guille Isa (USA, Colombia, Peru 2018). The International Jury describes Dulce as a unique and amazing film that has a long lasting impact in spite of its short running time.

Cadoul de Craciun (The Christmas Gift) (Romania 2018) by Bogdan Muresanu was awarded several prizes in the International Competition. The film received the Best Fiction Category Prize and the Audience Award of the International Competition. In addition, Cadoul de Craciun  was nominated as Tampere Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards 2019 (European Film Academy). According to the International Jury of the Festilval, Cadoul de Craciun “succeeds to describe the intense feeling of fear, when living in a dictatorship, that push us to do irrational things”.

The Best Animation Category Prize was handed to Neko No Hi (Cat Days) by Jon Frickey (Germany, Japan 2018) and the Best Documentary Category Prize to All Inclusive (Switzerland 2018), directed by Corina Schwingruber Ilić. A Special Mention was given to Kaksi ruumista rannalla (Two Bodies on a Beach) by Anna Paavilainen (Finland 2019) at the Fiction Category.

National Competition

Untitled (Burned Rubber on Asphalt, 2018) (Finland 2019) by Tinja Ruusuvuori was awarded three prizes in the National Competition of the Festival: the Main Prize at the category of films under 30 minutes, Student Award, and the film became the Tampere Nominee for European Audience Award. The documentary is “a portrait of a remote Northern place – where isolation and boredom breed an imaginative escape that turns everyday vehicles into instruments of art. Through an investigative approach the filmmaker elevates the activity from an immature pastime to a creative expression worthy of an artful consideration”.

The Main Prize in the Over 30 Minutes films went to Arthur Franck’s documentary Olliver Hawk (The Hypnotist) (Finland 2018). The judges valued the hypnotizing film’s carefully weaved audio-visual texture, which offers a unique perspective for the close history, politics, and shared dreams.

Reetta Huhtanen’s documentary Aatos ja Amine (Gods of Molenbeek) (Finland 2019) was awarded the Church Media Foundation Prize and the Special Prize in the National Competition of over 30minute films. Juries emphasized the film’s philosophical value and its good-natured, even funny, but at the same time profound way in which it reflects the friendship and connection between people who are thinking differently and have different faiths. The Special Mention of the National Competition was given to Super Comfort by Kirsikka Saari (Finland 2018).

The Special Prize in the National Competition of under 30 minutes films went to Tia Kouvo’s Mummola (Family Time) (Finland, Sweden 2018) which is “a cleverly framed tragicomedy about a relatable experience heightened by dry humour and a well orchestrated ensemble, where everybody hits their mark”, as the National Jury described.

Eläinsilta U-3033 (Animal Bridge U-3033) (Finland 2018) by Milja Viita won the Risto Jarva Prize. The film was described as a beautiful, poetic and even somewhat rugged story on how man harnesses nature into their needs, and represses both animals and vegetation as subordinates to human action.

Golden Shade Equipment Rental Prize (the Light House and the Camera House) went to director Patrik Söderlund and cinematographer Jussi Eerola from the experimental film Valtakunnat (Realms) (Finland 2018). The Youth Jury chose Hiljaa kuin murhaajat (Quietly like Murderers) (Finland 2019) as their favourite. Tee se itse -elämä: Combat Rockin tarina (DIY Life: The Story of Combat Rock Industry) won the Audience Award of the National Competition. Äiti moppaa by Emma Similä was voted as the winner of the New Cinema Prize of YLE Teema.