Few students of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences will visit the Tampere Film Festival. They will now tell us more on their school project and their expectations for the festival visit.

“We are Britta and Jolien from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. We are exchange students from Germany and the Netherlands. We enrolled in the course focusing on audiences and made a project group together with Henna T and Henna S who are from Finland. For focusing on the audience, we will receive different projects regarding the subjects of the audience engagement and audience development.

Our project now is to find an event involved with the audience engagement and to observe that event. This involves some pre-research of the film festival, watching short films and observe the audience and talk with some visitors at the festival. We will be present at the film festival on 9th and 10th March.”

“I am a big fan of film festivals. I always have been interested in watching films, making films and playing in films. I have done those things multiple times and at one point I decided that I would like to organize film festivals. I have volunteered two times at Dutch film festivals and did my internship at a Alcine a film festival in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. It has been an wonderful experience to be doing that and after that I have met many nice, interesting people and wanted to continue with this. In Spain I heard about the short film festival in Tampere and put the date in my agenda. When it came up as a chance to do this for a project from school I immediately introduced my project group to the idea. They got interested and decided to do this.

I have not been at Tampere Film Festival before, but I know the concept of it, because it is similar to Alcine Film Festival. I like short film festivals, because they give you a new experience with the film. You can watch a lot of films in different genres in a short time. I think Tampere Film Festival is suitable for our project because it involves the audience, by example the audience award for best film.

I am looking forward to this film festival.”

Jolien Siebum (exchange student at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki)

“As an exchange student in cultural management here in Finland and cultural and media education in Germany, I am always very interested in new cultural experiences. I visit many events, which are in a field of culture I know very well. I work in this field and I love this field a lot. Nevertheless is it important to be open-minded for new experiences.

The Tampere Film Festival is totally new experience for me. I have never been at a film festival and probably would not have been there in the near future. So it will be a total new experience for me. I am very interested to see how such an event is organized and how a film festival looks like. I am super curious about the line-up and what kind of films are shown there. Especially for our assignment, it will be very interesting to see what kind of people visit this film festival and how many people are there. I hope we get the chance to talk a little bit with some people of the audience and ask them more about their visits and their urge to visit such a festival.

Furthermore we get the chance to visit the Award Ceremony. It is a total new experience for me to be a part of such an event. Especially because of the audience award. An audience award is a way to engage your audience in your event. So we can analyse this event very well for our assignment.

I am looking forward to visit Tampere and the film festival, especially for me as an exchange student it is in two way an experience. I will visit a total new event AND a new city in a foreign country. I hope to meet some new people and get a lot of interesting information for me and our assignment and maybe I get some inspiration for further projects, because it is always important to have experiences cross over different arts. Especially in my studies home we learn a lot about art education, hopefully this film festival gives me new ideas for educational projects.

See you in Tampere!”

Britta Horwath (exchange student at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki)