Tampere Film Festival celebrates Sámi National Day on 6th February and publishes Sámi Filbma Special Programme of 2019.

Sámi Film has in the past few years grown a strong presence in the international festival scene. Skilled film makers with a clear cinematic vision seem to spring from the Arctic ice. Tampere Film Festival works with its northern neighbours to give once again a platform to several interesting Sámi film makers.

In 2018 Marja Helander’s Eatnanvuloš Lottit – Birds in the Earth (2018) won both the National Competition and Risto Jarva Prize. The film has gained a lot of positive international attention for example at the Sundance Festival. Marja Helander will also be a Risto Jarva Judge at the Tampere Film Festival in March. Amanda Kernell’s Sameblod – Sámi Blood (2016) premiered at Venice a couple of years ago and won European Parliament LUX Prize. The same year, Katja Gauriloff gained audience award at Tampere and Jussi Award with Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest (2016).

Some fresh examples could be Sara Margrethe Oskal’s Beaivvi Nieidda – Daughter of the Sun (2018), which premiered in Sydney, Australia and has since continued to tour the world. Morit Elena Morit- Wake up Elena wake up (Inga-Wiktoria Påve, Anders Sunna 2017). Both will be screened at Tampere Film Festival.

“Sámi Films interest and gain success internationally. International Sámi Film Institute ISFI has throughout its 10-year history worked hard to promote Sámi film makers”, writes Liisa Holmberg from International Sámi Film Institute. “Tampere Film Festival has provided important support for the Sámi and other indigenous peoples’ film makers.”

Tampere Film Festival has worked for several years with International Sámi Film Instituten and Skábmagovat – Indigenous People’s Film Festival to give an international platform for Sámi film makers. Sámi Filbma – special programme is a curated selection of current and significant Sámi film.

Tampere Film Festival is one of the largest short film festivals in Europe with over 30 000 visitors and hundreds of international guests annually. The full programme will be published on the 13th February 2019. Tampere Film Festival will take place between 6th–10th March 2019.

Tampere Film Festival’s Sámi Filbma Special Programme includes the films:

ÁRBI by Lada Suomenrinne (Finland, 2018)

NIEIDDAS JA GUOLLECIKNA Girl with a Fish Necklace by Egil Pedersen (Norway, 2017)

BOOM BOOM by Per-Josef Idivuoma (Sweden 2017)

GUOLLI Fish by Jouni West (Finland 2017)

BEAIVVI NIEIDDA Daughter of the Sun by Sara Margrethe Oskal (Norway, 2017)

SEEVVIST JEEGIST by Ville-Riiko Fofonoff (Finland, 2018)

MORIT ELENA MORIT Wake up Elena Wake up by Inga-Wiktoria Påve, Anders Sunna (Sweden, 2017)

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU KINGEN, Amanda Kernell (Sweden, 2017)

SÁMIIN LEAT RIEVTTIT The Sámi Has Rights by Elle-Márjá Eira, Maj-Lis Eira (Norway, 2019)