Māoriland is one theme of the Tampere Film Festival’s programme. Māoriland 1-3 screenings  consist short films made by maori people. Māoriland 3 screening is family friendly. The programme includes two Māori feature films: Waru and The Price of Peace.

This programme of Māori films celebrates the whakapapa (generational interconnectedness) of Māori film.

Māori are New Zealand’s indigenous people. Our culture and language has endured despite over a century of colonisation and assimilation policies the effects of which continue to be widely felt. Māori film storytelling enables us to tell our story our way. Pioneering Māori filmmakers like Barry Barclay and Merata Mita overcame huge challenges to do so creating unflinching works such as Patu and Ngāti. They laid the foundation for a new generation of Māori filmmaker including Lee Tamahori, Taika Waititi and Ainsley Gardiner.

Once Were Warriorsand abd Whalerider were forerunners of more recent successes like Boy, The Dead Lands and Hunt For The Wilderpeople.

As the director of New Zealand’s International Indigenous film festival, Māoriland I invite you to experience some of the best of Māori film storytelling. Through the lens of the Māori women directors confronting child abuse in Waru; to the protest voice in the The Price Of Piece; and to our creatively diverse short films.

I hope this will be a challenging and enjoyable cinema experience.



Māoriland 1: Thu 8.3. 16.00 Plevna 6 | Fri 9.3. 22.00 Plevna 6
Māoriland 2: Thu 8.3. 22.00 Pakkahuone | Sat 10.3. 10.00 Plevna 6
Māoriland 3: Fri 9.3. 10.00 Plevna 6 | Sat 10.3. 18.00 Plevna 6
The Price Of Peace: Fri 9.3. 18.00 Plevna 6
Waru: Sat 10.3. 23.00 Plevna 2