Queerscenes screenings brings stories of trans people to Tampere Film Festival.

Queerscenes vol. II was born out of the need to comment on the human rights situation in Finland. The Finnish law is in violation of the human rights of trans people and violates the mental and physical autonomy of individuals, their freedom to be themselves and equal among others. Queerscenes vol. II screenings centres around stories that challenge the dominating binary demands: what is it like to be a man/woman or what is it like to be a person who cannot or does not want to be pigeonholed.

The common thread in Queerscenes 1 are the stories and experiences of non-binary people.  The screening discusses in its own way the history of queer. How do memories and language define who we are? How to describe emotions for which there are no established words? Do things exist if they have no names? In addition to the political aspect, it is interesting to consider the aesthetics of queer cinema. Could there be new forms of expression with which to tell non-binary stories better? The Queerscenes 2 screening begins with the study What happened to her (2016). The film is demanding, but it demonstrates a common fault: the queer story is a tragedy, and all too often trans characters in particular are targets of violence. What does it require from the actor and what does it do to the viewer who identifies with the characters of the story? Could a trans story be a comedy or could it have a happy ending? Could there be a film where the trans story does not represent a problem?

Bixa Travesty introduces the unapologetic, brash, music-filled documentary that tells the story of musician/performance artist Linn da Quebrada and the São Paolo scene.


Queerscenes 1: Thu 8.3. 22.00 Plevna 6 | Sat 10.3. 16.00 Plevna 6
Queerscenes 2: Fri 9.3. 20.00 Plevna 6 | Sat 10.3. 12.00 Plevna 6
Bixa Travesty: Sat 10.3. 20.00 Pakkahuone