This is a working diary and video blog of the People on the road -initiative. The initiative is a shared project of Tampere Film Festival and Pirkanmaa Film Centre created to help immigrants to integrate and to increase knowledge on the effects of migration in the society.

The point of view of the People in the road -initiative is positive and forward-looking. The movement of people is necessary and a reserve of strength, not a threat. So, how are we going to get our message through?

Pirkanmaa Film Centre has arranged film workshops with immigrants for a long time. Excerpts of these films are going to be shown here, and later on in theaters in entirety. In addition to the workshops we are going to organize a seminar in the end of October: we have invited different organizations to discuss on integration. Our goal is to learn and to find new co-operators. Of course, we will also see the films made in the workshops. The next bigger happening is Tampere Film Festival in March 2019. We are going to curate two screenings on integration and organize discussions.

A big challenge is going to be the form of communication:the ideal would be to offer expressions and representations with equality and fresh information on migration. How would this happen? The People on the road is funded by Frame, Voice, Report! The project is educating me to communicate in a different way in order to challenge the maintaining structures. Let’s  see how we’ll manage.

Throughout the next months we are going to excerpt parts of the films from the workshops. Stay tuned!

– Riina, coordinator