During Tampere Film Festival we organized two People on the Road happenings: PEK – Elokuva välineenä screening on Thursday and the seminar on the next day, on Friday. On Thursday’s screening Pirkanmaa Film Centre’s (PEK) Kalle Raittila was happy to introduce the films which were made in workshops and the video “Ryhmisnuoret” in collaboration with Ryhmäteatteri.

PEK’s Kalle Raittila introducing the workshops’ films
The video made with Ryhmisnuoret

Friday’s seminar’s topic was intergation and identity. The keynote was held by Marja Tiilikainen from Migration Institute of Finland. Her presentation rested on statistics and therefore was a good start and base to the later discussion. Tiilikainen reminded us that migration is many things, not just refugees but also emigration.

After Tiilikainen directors’ Ali Parandian and Lysander Wiering told about their films, the processes and their approaches to deal with the integration at their art. The statements of directors’ were interesting to compare: Parandian’s film No Man Is an Island is a fiction and Wiering’s film is a documentary about the elder doctor who takes care the paperless immigrants.

Directors Ali Parandian and Jean Bitar

After the film art the focus moved to project Remembering Lampedusa. Ilaria Tucci, theatre practitioner, told about the film Love and how she uses theatre as a tool of dialogue among people, participation, peacebuilding and empowerment.

Tobias Van Treeck from IOM was the last speaker. He told about IOM’s project to ease the integration by training immigrants before their journey to new home country.

The seminar were success if I think the variety of perspectives to intergration. But at the same time, there was less dialogue and true discussion. At the future it would be better to have more focused theme to have more dialogue among participants and audience. Therefore the next seminar’s topic will be the ART and its possibilities in the integration. Till then!