Sabogal, the protagonist of the feature lenght animation is a human rights attorney in a country where political violence is the norm.

The Colombian animation starts on the day when Fernando Sabogal is leaving for a long trip with his wife Marcela; not to exile and not forever. The decision has been formed to leave as a result of a stressful job and as a consequence of other threats. The journey is interrupted right at the beginning when they hear on the news about the death of Jaime Garzón; a well-thought-of journalist, comedian and peace negotiator. He has been shot dead. Sabogal decides to remain in the country and to represent Garzón’s family. That day is the beginning of the years that are filled with research, direct and undirect threaths, spying and legal battle alongside with the demolition of Sabogal’s personal life.

Directors Juan José Lozano and Sergio Mejian created a political thriller that is not only based on historical events but actually takes place in the midst of them. They use actual footage combined with various animation techniques to create fascinating scenes. For example Sabogal is inserted into an actual court hearing. The result is powerful.

Originally a 13 part animation series, Sabogal encompasses the painful issue that envolves the entire Latin America; how to live in a country where defending human rights and trying to do something about social injustice is inevitably life-threathening? How much are you willing to sacrifice; your relationships, your health, even your life? Who can you really trust? When is enough? At what point do you give up and flee?

The feature lenght version of Sabogal focuses mostly on the case of Jaime Garzón. Just as in political thrillers also in Sabogal it is clear soon enough that there is more than two parties in a war and that the army or the government aren’t pure as the driven snow. The major difference what comes to mainstream movies is the fact that the guilty parties and their names are historical facts.

Films like these don’t usually get screentime in Latin America. The norm is entertainment steeped with commercials.  Therefore it is noticeable that Sabogal, both the series and the long animation, that deals with the history of Colombia, focusing on political violence and human rights question, was shown on TV in Colombia.


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