Finnish director Juho Kuosmanen’s Carte Blanche and retrospective will be shown on Tampere film festival.

Carte Blanche consists of my new favourites and one classic. Short films are more like poems than stories. The best ones are tightly wound until they explode into a universe in the viewer’s mind. The more hopeless ones try to say everything without focusing on anything. These are all undeniably good. I can warmly recommend them.

Le Ballon Rouge

Le Ballon Rouge – Albert Lamorisse


Miramare – Michaela Müller

Juho Kuosmanen retrospective

In these three films, there is a sort of evolution of cinematic aesthetics on view, where the boundaries between documentary and fiction and on the other hand complete reversals in expression are utilised. Roadmarkers tests the limits of the big screen and the viewer’s patience with long, slow shots; Citizens was made for television and the challenge was to keep the pace so intense that the viewer didn’t have time to change the channel before the next scene. The cast of The Painting Sellers is made up of amateurs and the pace is a bit slower than in Citizens. The locale has moved from Helsinki to Kainuu, with the humour dropping below zero as well.

Carte Blanche by Juho Kuosmanen: Fri 9.3. 18.00 Niagara | Sat 10.3. 20.00 Niagara
Juho Kuosmanen retrospective: Thu 8.3. 16.00 Niagara | Fri 9.3. 22.00 Niagara