We’re constantly monitoring the covid-19 -situation, and the safety of our staff and customers is our priority. Please note that if the on-site festival has to be cancelled due to the covid-19 situation, the volunteer tasks will be cancelled/updated as well.


The street team takes care of the distribution of posters and other advertising materials before the festival, in February. In addition, the task may include assisting in street banner attaching, for example. Street team members may also help with other tasks during the festival, if they like.


The customer service team is responsible for the ticket sales and creating a happy and friendly spirit for the festival and its customers. The customer service is also the reception and info desk for the accreditated festival guests and media. The volunteers in customer service manage the ticketing systems of the festival, and they will be trained for the task. Work shifts take place at the festival week from Monday to Sunday. In this team, fluent Finnish is required.


Announcements team welcomes the audience and presents the screenings, events and filmmakers to them. Staff needed from Wednesday to Sunday


The festival cleaning team will take care of hygiene of auditoriums between screenings. Work shifts take place from Wednesday to Sunday.G


Host team will assist the juries of the festival. Host team will help juries to stay on schedule and find the right venues on time. Host team will work from Tuesday to Sunday in shifts in cooperation with the Guest Coordinator.


Door personnel checks the customers’ entrance tickets and makes sure for their part that the screenings start and end on time. The job description also includes, if necessary, small assisting tasks in your own venue. There are work shifts for door staff from Wednesday to Sunday.


Photo team captures the events and highlights of the festival. Own camera is required. Team will have assignments almost the entire festival week.


Catering team is taking care of event caterings and staff snacks and refreshments. Work shifts takes place from Wednesday to Sunday. 

CREWThis is the most versatile assignment at the festival. Festival crew can do some festival construction work, help with catering, doors, cleaning etc. The working times and locations are flexible. At this team you can have work before, during and after festival.