An interview with NFTS school director Nik Powell: “My advice to young people: go and make movies”

The National Film and Television school is a prestigious film school in Beaconsfield, in the UK, rather close to London. The school has famous alumnies like David Yates, director of… Read more »

An interview with Inuit activist Aaju Peter: Nothing has been done to educate the Europeans about seal hunt and Inuit culture

An activist, a lawyer and a sealskin clothing designer Aaju Peter fights for Inuit rights for traditional living methods.

DDD60: Open Eyes VR – Speakers

DDD60: Open Eyes VR Wednesday–Thursday 8–9 March 10.00–18.00 on both days Bravo Plaza (Itäinenkatu 5–7) Free entry! ENGLISH ONLY Please see full introduction of DDD60: Open Eyes VR Seminar here…. Read more »

On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian

How has the Indian myth created by Hollywood affected our understanding or misunderstanding of Indigenous peoples?

Mogadishu – through the eyes of soldiers

Torstein Grude, the director of Mogadishu Soldier, wanted to make a film that would be as authentic as possible – and was surprised of the outcome.

Why are the Inuits angry?

One of our programme highlights is Alethea Arnaquq-Baril’s Angry Inuk. The documentary is about the Inuit seal hunt controversy.

DDD60 Presents: Open Eyes VR

Cinematic storytelling in virtual reality Wednesday–Thursday 8–9 March 10.00–18.00 on both days Bravo Plaza (Itäinenkatu 5–7) Free entry! ENGLISH ONLY Do you ever wonder how it would be like to… Read more »

An interview with Swedish filmmaker Jens Assur : Reality behind stories

Swedish filmmaker Jens Assur is one of our festival guests. His films are inspired by his own experiences as a war photographer and from the news and news photos.

The last to leave the country should switch off the lights

Sabogal, the protagonist of the feature lenght animation is a human rights attorney in a country where political violence is the norm.

An interview with British filmmaker Daniel Mulloy: “Believe in your gut and vision”

British filmmaker Daniel Mulloy is one of our festival guests. His films are intimate studies of human relationships like the names Dad, Son, Baby and Home suggests.

Northern storyteller Jussi Hiltunen

This years domestic retrospective is from director Jussi Hiltunen (b. 1984). His short films are studies on issues like bitterness, guilt and revenge. Hiltunen’s films have been shown in various… Read more »

An interview with Caroline Monnet : “All that you need to know is within you”

    Caroline Monnet, Canadian filmmaker and visual artist talks about her work, inpirations and aspirations. This year, Tampere Film Festival will screen her retrospective, a total of 11 films…. Read more »