A still from the film 1985 (Directed by Priit Pärn and Janno Põldma)

Fri 9 March | 18.00-20.00 | Werstas Auditorium | Free Entry | ONLY IN ENGLISH

Some years ago, Priit Pärn got a chance to participate in a project we can, just to keep it short, call – drawing in the air. There were 12 leading Finnish artists and Pärn. This is no place for technical details, but basically it was a possibility to create virtual images in a special space which you could then see three-dimensionally using special VR-glasses. Pärn was the only one who chose the simple line. He didn’t believe that the result would be great. He was wrong. This experience made him think about the line.

He doesn’t know how many kilometers of line he has drawn during his life. But he thinks the line is quite long. But what is a line?

As a matter of fact, there are no lines in nature. The visual world around us actually consists of different spots of color. Our brains have the magic ability to define the meeting points of these different areas on a 2D surface into a line. But the development of visual images is going into the direction of no lines. The aim of this development is to reflect the world in a profoundly realistic way. Who will save the line?