Wed 6 March | 5.00pm | Shopping Centre Ratina, 3rd Floor (3E10) | Free Entry
Tampere Film Festival takes over Ratina!

Tampere Film Festival and Shopping Centre Ratina proudly present Minikino at Ratina, the largest shopping centre in Tampere. Take a break during shopping and bring all the family to relax and watch  charming animations.

Ratina, the largest shopping centre in Tampere, opened its doors in the summer of 2018 and it contains within it the selections and services of over 100 stores. The centre is easy to reach and besides shopping it also offers food and events. In addition to fashion, daily shopping and interior decoration, you may also enjoy treats and delicacies or the pampering of beauty and health services. The shopping centre has a total of 115 stores, 26 of which are restaurants and cafes. Situated on the shore of the Ratina backwater, the Ratina shopping centre offers three buildings worth of space for doing things together.


Germany | 2018 | Animation | 4 min | Director: Falk Schuster | No dialogue

Deep in the night when everyone is fast asleep, funny shapes and jolly beasts rumble though the bedroom. There is so much to discover! Only the break of dawn will put an end to their nightly adventures. But dusk is only a stone’s throw away.

Czech Republic | 2017 | Animation | 10 min | Director: Kateřina Karhánková | No dialogue

The Story of a little Furry, who will make a great discovery by overcoming the fear of the unknown.

Russia | 2017 | Animation | 9 min | Director: Roman Sokolov | No dialogue

Deep at night, one little man is crossing the winter forest. While people are sleeping he has to do very important job -carry on the new day to start in time.

Czech Republic | 2017 | Animation | 6 min | Director: Martin Posta | No dialogue

In order to fulfill his dream, Neil The Space Bear lands with his spaceship after a long and stressful journey on an unknown planet. Without knowing what the future holds he sets off for an abandoned city where he may find what he has been looking for.

PLANET Z -SURPRISE EGG Finland | 2018 | Animation | 7 min | Director: Maria Björklund | No dialogue

Tora, a tiger-like predator with two mouths, encounters an annoyingly optimistic creature called Pinki that seems to believe Tora is its mother.

Germany | 2017 | Animation | 3 min | Director: Robert Löbel, Max Mörtl | No dialogue

On a small island a bunch of exotic creatures run across each other.