A still from the film DAS PROJEKT (Directed by Daniel Gräbner)

Thu 8 March | 16.00-18.00 | Plevna 2 | ONLY IN ENGLISH

Kone Foundation will host a talk session about decolonisation, which can be defined as the dismantlement of visibile and invisibile power structures, at Tampere after the “International Competition 3” screening. Decolonisation is a joint theme of the short films to be seen in the screening.

After the film we will discuss decolonisation with a researcher and two film directors. Matthias de Groof is a research fellow in the University of Helsinki and has strong interest in film theory and film making, Congo and postcolonialism. Director Libby Hakaraia is the founder of Maoriland Film festival in New Zealand and has her film “The lawnmower men of Kapu” at the Tampere Film Festival. The discussion also includes director Daniel Gräbner, whose documentary “Das Projekt” is presented at this screening. They will be interviewed by journalist Monica Gathuo. She is a producer at Ruskeat Tytöt – the first ever media for and by brown people in Finland – and she also works in the ARMA project, funded by Kone Foundation. ARMA combines theory and practice to develop creative uses of digital media, pedagogy and arts as means to promote anti-racism knowledge and values in Finland.