Poetry Slam + Parsitut miehet

Thu 7 March | 7.00pm | Kulttuuritalo Telakka | Free entry

The Tampere Film Festival invites all poetry lovers to a light-hearted poetry slam competition at Telakka (Tullikamarin aukio 3) on Thursday 7 March at 7pm! The competition will adhere to the international poetry slam rules and is part of Särinä-klubi. The winner will receive fame, recognition and a serial ticket (6 normal-priced tickets) to the Tampere Film Festival screenings. The event will be hosted by poet Harri Hertell.

Each poetry slam performance will last a maximum of three minutes. Poetry slam is the soulmate of short film: both require the art of condensation, and memorable lines are an advantage.

In addition to the competitors, we will also need five energetic poetry slam judges. No prior experience is required, as there will be an induction. Simply put, the judges’ task will be to award points to each poetry performance on the scale of 1-10 (with one decimal accuracy). There will be no verbal or written feedback. As a thank you for their important work, each judge will receive a small prize from the restaurant. Join in as a poet or a judge!

You can sign up in advance to compete or judge via e-mail at harri.hertell@gmail.com or at the restaurant 30 minutes before the start of the competition, if there are still available spots left. The 15 fastest will be accepted.

The evening will be concluded by a performance from the poetry band Parsitut miehet, whose debut album will be released at the event. Admission is free and there will be no additional cloakroom fee. Welcome!

The detailed rules of the Poetry slam can be found at Kirjoittajayhdistys Viitapiiri’s Facebook event page.