24 February – 13 March | Man – Thu 12.00-18.00, Fri – Sun 12.00-16.00 | Mältinranta | Free Entry

Paseo de los Tristes, an exhibition by Minna Parkkinen, deals with the sorrow caused by sudden loss and letting go. The exhibition is based on an experimental short film trilogy consisting of the films Dive, Grey and Circle. The light that shines through the celluloid is set in the concrete and gathered into the plexiglass, forming a frame for the films through which one can walk.The films have been processed by hand which can be seen in the images as marks, scratches and painting-like surfaces. Manual work ties together the different forms of expression and the exhibition as a whole comes about in the expressive dialogue of photography, visual arts, sculpture, audio arts and cinema. The audio installations created by sound designer Janne Jankeri and his crew portray grief as an essentially invisible and acousmatic creature.

(The first part of the Paseo de los Tristes trilogy, Dive, portrays loss, letting go, and pain. The second part, Grey, is about the process of grieving, the period of time when a mourning person is in a state of emptiness and standing still from which they need to start building a new life. The third part, Circle, is about the process of cleansing and letting go, about regaining the will to live and being able to perceive the beauty and mystery in everyday life again.)

All three films have been screened in the National Competition at the Tampere Film Festival during earlier years, and now the exhibition based on the trilogy is on display at Mältinranta Art Center. Minna Parkkinen is a filmmaker and an artist who explores the relationship between moving and still pictures, the concept of time, and emotions.