Midnight Mov(i)es includes three screenings of twisted films that are perfect late night experiences. The films tell stories of animalistic, wild, cranky and failed escapades of different species, with plenty of humour to boot.

The first screening includes among other films two festival hits: Las Palmas (2011) by Johannes Nyholm is a film about a furious toddler in a bar, whereas Nighthawk (2016) tells a the story of a drunken badger wreaking havoc behind the wheel.

The second screening is mainly focused on carnal adventures. Desire, lust and madness collide when people meet in elevators, parks, theatres, off license stores and even during the post-production of a film.

The third screening mixes horror, comedy and social issues. In the South Korean film Behind the Hole (2019) a woman gets tired of toilet voyeurs and turns into a vigilante. The phenomenon in question is a weird facet of sexual abuse in South Korea, one that the authorities have only recently recognised. The final film of the screening is the South Korean Me show z zwi (2019) that describes the country’s work culture in its own way.

  • Riina Mikkonen, programmer