The Tampere Film Festival is known to show films about current topics. Climate has finally found its way into Finnish coffee table conversations, and most Finns consider climate change to be a scientific fact.

Our Climate programme consists of five screenings. Three of them focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, where the climate crisis is already affecting everyday lives, for example water resources, food production and migration. Climate 1: Environment is centred on the climate’s effects on people’s daily lives, whereas Climate 2: The People concentrates on the social climate: majority of immigrants from Africa are young people who do not feel that their future is secure in their homeland. The films in this screening raise the question of how to give young people hope and a vision of a good life in their homeland. What is their everyday life like and how to turn adversities into victory? And since climate is a global phenomenon, Climate 3: The Globe is a diverse collection of short films about climate from all over the world.

The two long documentaries of the programme focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Thank You for the Rain (2017) tells the story of a Kenyan farmer and activist Kisulu Musya. Musya starts to plant trees on his farm to protect his crops from erosion, and spreads knowledge of the benefits of trees to his neighbourhood as well. Khartoum Offside (2019) presents a new, courageous generation in Sudan: a women’s football team fighting for its right to exist.

We will also organise a climate discussion together with the Siemenpuu Foundation. The seminar features front line artists and experts Risto Isomäki (activist, writer), Poet on Watch (performance poet, multi media artist and director of the film Love in the Midst of Climate Change), Eshetu Yirdaw (lecturer, University of Helsinki) and Noora Simola (Climate Specialist, FFD).

The discussion will be broadcasted live at the Facebook event.

  • Riina Mikkonen, programmer