Accreditation has started

Accreditation for film makers and media is available from 11 January to 17 February. You can register and find more details here.

Accommodate in the middle of the Festival Bustle

We’d like to let you know that there are rooms booked with special prices for our visitors at Original Sokos Hotel Ilves. Prices are valid only for the festival week,… Read more »

International Competition – deadline approaching

Submission can be done via shortfilmdepot or reelport. You should read our regulations beforehand.

Mikä haluaisit olla isona

Mikä haluaisit olla isona is a extract from documentary Toimintaa ja kohtaamisia Kotirannassa. Kotiranta is a grouphome in Mänttä-Vilppula in Pirkanmaa. The documentary is made by Kotiranta’s workers, children and… Read more »

Pirkanmaa region – watch short films using library card

Tampere Film Festival, Tampere City library and Ylöjärvi library are part of European Union founded AVA (AdioVisualAccess) project. AVA is a video on demand service available onsite in special screening… Read more »

DDD60- Guidelines for master files

Tampere Film Festival is part of DDD60-project that aims to create workflows to bring 360° films to film festivals. The DDD60 project has issued a set of guidelines for master… Read more »

Call for entries 2019

We are ready, it’s time to keep us busy and send as many films as possible for preview – Call for entries 2019 is open!


The documentary Punk Voyage (Finland 2017, dir. Jukka Kärkkäinen and J-P Passi) has won the main prize in the over 30 minute category in the National competition. The National jury… Read more »

Minikino – Sold out

There are no tickets left to Minikino screening on Sunday.

Day 4 of the Film Festival starts!

Today there are 12 competition screenings and 24 special programme screenings along with several events. The best films of the European Film Awards are presented already at 10 o’clock. Remember… Read more »

Day 3 starting!

Today there are 10 competition screenings and 23 special programme screening along with several events. First screenings starts at 10.

The festival has started with a swing!

Today there are 10 competition screenings and 17 special programme screenings in addition to a plethora of events! In Werstas  auditorium there will be a discussion about the role of… Read more »

Tampere film festival starts today!

From 7th to 11th of March 2018, for the 48th time, Tampere Film Festival is here! This year the festival focuses on Estonia 100 and Maoriland along with Poland and… Read more »

Part of the Minikino tickets got the wrong date

A small amount of the Minikino tickets got the wrong date (SAT 10.3.) Please notice, if you have ticket with a wrong date, the right date is SUN 10.3. You… Read more »

Programme catalogue is here!

Programme catalogue is here. You can buy the printed version of the catalogue at our ticket sales from 6th of March onwards, price 5 €.

Q&A at the end of the National and International competitions

Please remember that at the end of National and International Competitions there is a Q&A where directors or other representatives from the production companies will answer questions. Please take advantage… Read more »

A chat with filmmaker Laura Hyppönen

Laura Hyppönen is a Finnish filmmaker based in London. Her short film Quadraturin is selected into the National & International Competitions.

Interview with Jan Harlan

Jan Harlan is member of the international jury. His documentary  Stanley Kubrick – A Life in Pictures, is part of the Tampere Film Festival special programme.

Ticket sales open

Ticket sales open 26.2. – 6.3. at 10-18 Tullikamarin aukio 2, 33100 Tampere  


The Estonian Parental Council issued a manifest in which Estonia was declared an independent Republic 24.2.1918. In connection with  a coup d’état at Soviet Union, in august 1991, Estonia gave… Read more »

A plethora of events at Tampere Film Festival

Script Tampere – the traditional event dedicated to scriptwriting is here again! The fifth Script Tampere is presented in collaboration with women in Film and TV Finland (WIFT) and Käsikirjoittajien… Read more »

Recommendations from the office: WASTE NO.3 BOOM

WASTE NO.3 BOOM, Jan Ijäs, Finland, 2017, Documentary What preparations needed to be done for this film?    With this film it took the longest time to get the permissions for… Read more »

Interview with Libby Hakaraia from Māoriland Film Festival

One of your directed short film ‘The lawnmower men of Kapu’  will be shown in Tampere Film Festival. Could you tell what is it about? What is the theme in it?… Read more »

Programme published, ticket sale open

Festival Programme and all events have been published. Programme Map can be found here. Ticket sale is open.

Stanley Kubrick & Jan Harlan

Jan Harlan is one of the juries of international jury. His directed document about Stanley Kubrick is part of the Tampere Film Festival programme.


AV-arkki’s screening delves into the various forms and possibilities of camp. On the surface, camp comes across as being frivolous and of bad taste, but deep down it clears the… Read more »

Finnish Film Archive

Finnish Film Archive 1 screening presents history of Finnish film making. Second screening, Finnish Film Archive 2, brings up gems of 60’s Finnish films.

AVEK 30 years of driving diversity in audio-visual culture

AVEK 30-years special screenings shows finnish short-, animated and documentary films which are supported by AVEK (The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture).

Dance 1 Loikka

Tampere Film Festival will show two screenings short films of dance. Dance 1: Loikka screening will illustrate the diversity of dance cinema with awarded short films.


Queerscenes screenings brings stories of trans people to Tampere Film Festival.

The Rise Of Māori Cinema

Māoriland is one theme of the Tampere Film Festival’s programme. Māoriland 1-3 screenings  consist short films made by maori people. Māoriland 3 screening is family friendly. The programme includes two… Read more »

Juho Kuosmanen

Finnish director Juho Kuosmanen’s Carte Blanche and retrospective will be shown on Tampere film festival.

European Film Awards

SHORT MATTERS is the European Film Academy’s short film tour which brings the nominated short films to audiences across Europe – and beyond. The programme featuring the European Short Film… Read more »

Estonia 100

In honor of Estonia’s 100 years of independence, Tampere Film Festival will have seven screenings of Estonian short films.

Rosto – interview

Dutch filmmaker Rosto’s retrospective is part of the Tampere Film Festival programme and includes animations. In addition to this, Rosto’s short film Reruns is part of the International Competition.

National and International Competition

A total of 301 films were submitted into the National Competition of Tampere Film Festival. 258 under 30 minute films and 43 over 30 minutes films were submitted. Approxymately 3500… Read more »

Seppo Rustanius Retrospective – Documenting the Finnish Civil War of 1918

Together with Tampere Workers’ Theatre, Tampere Theatre, Tampere Ooppera and Vapriikki Museum, Tampere Film Festival wants to take part in the remembrance of the Finnish Civil War and the Tampere… Read more »

Poland: Tomasz Siwiński – “Dreams of other people”

We talked with Polish animator Tomasz Siwiński, about his short film Moczarski’s case that is part of our festival program.

Accreditation is open

Accreditation for Film and Media professionals is now available.

Accommodation available during the festival!

Special prices apply as long as there are rooms available. Prices valid only during festival week, March 6-12, 2018.

A big thank you to our audience!

Tampere Film Festival 2017 in brief was five days, ten different venues and 28 000 film enthusiasts! There were around 400 films in over 100 screenings. For the first time… Read more »

Awarded films 2017

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION GRAND PRIX Scris/Necris – Written/Unwritten Director: Adrian Silisteanu

Raise your glass! Tampere Film Agency is launched!

Tampere Film Agency aims to provide a place from where to get quality Finnish short films for screenings. We are here to help filmmakers find the right kind of exposure… Read more »

An interview with Inuit activist Aaju Peter: Nothing has been done to educate the Europeans about seal hunt and Inuit culture

An activist, a lawyer and a sealskin clothing designer Aaju Peter fights for Inuit rights for traditional living methods.

Tales from the land of geysers

Iceland is famous for its hot springs, but few people appreciate how significant the role of hot water is in the country. This island nation with roughly 330,000 inhabitants has… Read more »

On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian

How has the Indian myth created by Hollywood affected our understanding or misunderstanding of Indigenous peoples?

Mogadishu – through the eyes of soldiers

Torstein Grude, the director of Mogadishu Soldier, wanted to make a film that would be as authentic as possible – and was surprised of the outcome.

Why are the Inuits angry?

One of our programme highlights is Alethea Arnaquq-Baril’s Angry Inuk. The documentary is about the Inuit seal hunt controversy.

Find us in Eventmore!

Our entire festival programme is found in the Eventmore application! Download it into your mobile here.

Buy your tickets online!

You can now buy tickets by clicking the screening at programme map. The buy tickets button will take you to page, where you can make the purchase. 

International Competition 2017

Nearly 3000 short films were submitted into the International Competition 2017. The 63 films that were chosen to compete will be screened in 10 screenings.

An interview with Swedish filmmaker Jens Assur : Reality behind stories

Swedish filmmaker Jens Assur is one of our festival guests. His films are inspired by his own experiences as a war photographer and from the news and news photos.

Mermaids, beehives and mysteries à la Arabia

– Why is there only talk about refugees? We could speak about the other aspects of the Arabic cultures, the artist, the writers.

The last to leave the country should switch off the lights

Sabogal, the protagonist of the feature lenght animation is a human rights attorney in a country where political violence is the norm.

DDD60 – High Quality VR for Film & TV Industry Professionals ANNOUNCING AN EU HORIZON 2020 PROJECT ON VIRTUAL REALITY

A consortium of European film and technology organisations – reelport, Spin Digital, Sunny Side of the Doc, the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes, Tampere Film Festival, and Sheffield… Read more »

An interview with British filmmaker Daniel Mulloy: “Believe in your gut and vision”

British filmmaker Daniel Mulloy is one of our festival guests. His films are intimate studies of human relationships like the names Dad, Son, Baby and Home suggests.

Tour around Swinging London

We would like to welcome all passengers to Tampere Film Festival’s guided tour in London! During two screenings we will explore the different sides of the rough yet beautiful metropolis. 

Northern storyteller Jussi Hiltunen

This years domestic retrospective is from director Jussi Hiltunen (b. 1984). His short films are studies on issues like bitterness, guilt and revenge. Hiltunen’s films have been shown in various… Read more »

An interview with Caroline Monnet : “All that you need to know is within you”

    Caroline Monnet, Canadian filmmaker and visual artist talks about her work, inpirations and aspirations. This year, Tampere Film Festival will screen her retrospective, a total of 11 films…. Read more »