Topi Ahvenus

Hi, my name is Topi Ahvenus! I am a coffee loving second-year high school student from Ylöjärvi, and I go to Tampere Arts-Oriented Senior Secondary School. My hobbies include a variety of things from sports to music, but films are particularly close to my heart. I am especially interested in film direction and audiovisual narratives. I have made a few short films and documentaries with my friends, and the more I keep learning about cinema the more I want to make my own films. In addition to movies, I love music and play the guitar. Particularly jazz makes me feel good.

Maarit Nyyssönen

I’m a second-year student from Pirkkala, studying in the visual arts programme in the Tammerkoski Upper Secondary School. When it comes to films, I place great value on aesthetics and music choices. The film’s atmosphere and its changes as the film progresses is something I like to pay attention to. Independent short films often resonate with me, and I’d love to participate in similar projects myself. My specialties include video-making and editing, which I have practised since childhood.

Pinja Sormunen

Hi! I am an 18-year-old senior from Tampereen yhteiskoulun lukio High School and have worked my whole life with big and small video and drama projects. In addition to this, my hobbies include yoga and jogging, and I also enjoy painting. My dream is to study graphic design or film directing after graduating from high school. I would one day like to work in the creative sector with different types of people.

Gabriel Ojanperä

My name is Gabriel Ojanperä. I am a high school student from Lempäälä and interested in graphic design, scriptwriting and directing.