Suvi Paavola (b. 1984) works as a production coordinator at the Finnish Film Foundation. She began working there in 2014, and before her current post she functioned as the coordinator for the cultural export of short films and documentaries. In addition to the Foundation, Paavola has worked as an audiovisual arts specialist at the Arts Promotion Centre of Finland and for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Paavola graduated as a Master of Arts from Japanese Studies at the University of Helsinki, which is why she lived a few years in the Land of the Rising Sun. Paavola, who spent her childhood in Tampere, completed her job familiarisation study module in secondary school in the ‘90s at the Tampere Film Festival’s office by mailing festival invitations.

Ville Suhonen (b. 1964) is a film director, screenwriter and novelist who is originally from Helsinki butcurrently lives in Vihti. Since 1985, he has directed and written over 30 films, the latest of which is Seamstress (2015), the story of Martta Koskinen who was executed by the state. The film has received several awards including a Finnish Jussi Award for Best Documentary, a Special Prize in the Tampere Film Festival’s National Competition and a State Award for Public Information. Suhonen’s other films include hits such as Tail of a Forest (2012) and Tommy and the Wildcat (1998), as well as the documentaries Frozen Hell – Prisoners of War in Finland 1941–42 (2011) and Moments in Time (1995). The latter won the National Competition at the Tampere Film Festival. Ville Suhonen has written young adult fiction, nature books and Martta Koskinen’s biography Ompelijatar. He is also the chair of the Risto Jarva Association.

Selma Vilhunen (b. 1976) is a director and a screenwriter who makes both fiction films and documentaries. Her previous work includes Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?, nominated for the Best Live Action Short Film at the Academy Awards, a feature-length film Little Wing that won the Nordic Council Film Prize in2017, and Hobbyhorse Revolution, a documentary which in 2017 received the Risto Jarva Prize. Vilhunen is also one of the founders of the production companyTuffi Films, founded in 2010. Currently, she is working with the film Stupid Young Heart written by Kirsikka Saari.



Eva Wäljas(b.1979) works as a spokesperson and development expert for the Evangelical Lutheran Parish Union of Tampere. Wäljas graduated from the University of Helsinki’s Media and Communication Studies in 2005. Later, her interest in cinema led her to study further at Trent University in Canada, where she completed an extensive minor subject module on Film Studies. For several years, Wäljas worked for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, where, among other things, she served as a cultural news editor for the radio. However, most of her experience with Finnish cinema has come from the Church Media Foundation whose board member she has been since 2015. The Church Media Foundation supports and promotes the production, distribution and broadcasting of programmes on religion and ethics via national media.