Oona Koivula

I’m Oona Koivula, a 17-year-old film enthusiast. I study in the media studies programme at Sammon Keskuslukio High School. After comprehensive school I spent a year in Texas, USA as an exchange student. Now I’m a first-year student in upper secondary school. My hobbies include jogging and going to the gym, and when I was younger I was also into horseback riding. Nowadays I mostly focus on studying and other things. I’ve loved stories ever since I was little and have always been interested in writing and other creative things. I have been interested in films and filmmaking processes for a long time, which is why I chose the media studies programme. I have a good understanding of the deeper thought-world of films, since I’ve really immersed myself in that subject. I hope to have a future in the film industry, and I’m very determined in my endeavour.


Elina Mattila

I am a 17-year-old art programme student from Tammerkoski High School. I’m particularly interested in horror and action movies, as well as cult films. I also pay a lot of attention to film scores!



Iida Vartiainen

My name is Iida Vartiainen and I’m from Kangasala, located right next to Tampere. I am almost 17 years old, as my birthday is in February. My hobbies include computer games and skydiving. I also enjoy video editing and have spent close to 500 hours doing that in the past few years. I’m a relatively creative person and like to get involved in things where I can let my imagination run free. I am easily inspired and can become immersed in projects for several hours at a time. I’m also friendly by nature and get along with different types of people. Films and media in general are very important to me. When watching films, I have started to pay more and more attention on their cinematography, editing and other effects. I believe my editing hobby that I mentioned earlier has probably had a significant impact on this.

Maarit Seppälä

I’m Maarit Seppälä, an 18-year-old second year student in the arts programme at Tammerkoski Upper Secondary School. I love films, and my dream is to become a professional film director. I like all kinds of films (except horror movies). Most dear to me are dramas with a unique and personal touch. When it comes to films, I value a creative visual look and cinematography, unexpectedness, fluent story-telling, a smooth plot, and an interesting theme or the ability to cover a familiar theme from a fresh perspective. I’m interested in other art forms as well, but to me cinema is the most versatile. It combines pictures, language and music, it covers numerous topics and is able to evoke a multitude of feelings in the viewer. In early autumn I got the chance to participate in the film workshop for young people at the Red Carpet Film Festival in Hyvinkää, where I co-directed a short film.