Arto Koskinen

Arto Koskinen (b. 20 January 1962, Alatornio) is a seasoned Finnish film director, who has made numerous documentary and television films. His first fictional feature film, The Handcuff King, was selected in the children’s film competition series at the Berlin International Film Festival, and it received the Jussi Award for both best actor in a supporting role (Heikki Hela) and for best sound design (Olli Pärnänen). It was also nominated for best screenplay. The film won the award for best directorial debut at the Durango Independent Film Festival in 2004. Arto’s latest documentary Nokia Mobile We Were Connecting People was selected in the Panorama section at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

Tytti Rantanen

Tytti Rantanen has worked as a programme coordinator for AV-arkki, the Centre for Finnish Media Art, since 2016. Her career in the film industry began in 2010 as the information officer of international promotion at the Finnish Film Foundation. In addition to her day job, she studies the narrative of documentary filmmakers in the Dangers of Narrative project at the University of Tampere. Rantanen is also one of the editors-in-chief of the Tampere-based, philosophical quarterly niin & näin, and she has been in charge of the magazine’s film column since 2013. Rantanen’s writings have been published in AVEK magazine, Filmihullu, Lähikuva, Nuori Voima and Tuli & Savu, among others. In addition to everything else, she is currently finishing her doctoral thesis on the French radical film and literature of the 1960s and 1970s.

Ina Pira

Ina Pira is a curator for Vimeo’s signature Staff Picks. Prior to her job at Vimeo, Ina worked as a Senior Programmer for the Hamptons International Film Festival, the Montclair Film Festival, and the Sarasota Film Festival. In addition to her programming work, Ina has helped manage and select scripts for the Hamptons Screenwriters Lab and other year-round programs. Ina has served on festival juries and has spoken to numerous groups about film festivals, online programming, and digital distribution. Ina serves on the Advisory Board for the North Bend Film Festival.