International Competition

Grand Prix 5 000 € + Statuette “Kiss” (City of Tampere)

Three Category Prizes:
Best Animation 1 500 € + Statuette “Kiss” (Original Sokos Hotel Ilves)
Best Fiction 1 500 € + Statuette “Kiss” (United Parcel Service Finland)
Best Documentary 1 500 € + Statuette “Kiss” (Film Tampere)

Tampere Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards 2019 (European Film Academy)

Audience Award
Diplomas of Merit

National Competition

Under 30 Minutes
Main Prize 5 000 € + Statuette “Kiss” (Finnish Broadcasting Company)
Special Prize 1 500 €
Prize of the Youth Jury
Tampere nominee for European Audience Award

Over 30 Minutes
Main Prize 5 000 € + Statuette “Kiss” (Finnkino Oy)
Special Prize 1 500 € (Pirkanmaa Film Centre)

Both National Series
Risto Jarva Prize 10 000 € (Finnish Film Foundation)
The Church Media Foundation Prize 1 500 € (The Church Media Foundation)
Golden Shade Equipment Rental Prize 20 000 € (Valofirma – The Light House, Kamerafirma – The Camera House)

Student Award (The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK, Union of Film and Media Employees Finland)
Audience Award
Diplomas of Merit

New Cinema Prize 1 000 € (Finnish Broadcasting Company)

Other Prizes

Recipients of the Grand Prix of the International Competition and the Main Prize of the National Competition category of under 30 minutes will qualify for consideration in the Short Films and Short Documentaries Category of the Annual Academy Award® without the standard theatrical run, provided that the films comply with the Acadeymy’s rules.

BAFTA qualifying festival provided that the film comply with the BAFTA rules.