Programme Preview

Wednesday starts at 4pm with a World Premier at the Walls 1 screening. Director Arne Kohlweyer presents his film Drübenland – The Land Over There (Germany, 2019).

Tuffi Films is a Finnish production company was formed by female filmmakers. They will not only start the National Competition with Aino Suni’s documentary Never Again (Finland, 2018)  but have a curated Programme in Niagara at 8pm. International Competition launches at 10pm with Dystopia.

Finland has two official languages Finnish and Swedish and there is a significant Finnish speaking minority in Sweden. Outnumbered will present films about our language minorities and will start with Finland’s Swedish speakers at 6pm.

The best of European Shorts will be available in Niagara at 10pm with the European Film Awards screening

Don’t miss this

The atmosphere at our Opening Screening is not to be missed. The Festival launches officially at 6pm with Aleksandar Ilić’s classic The Mallet (Yugoslavia, 1977).

Free fun

Tampere Film Festival and Shopping Centre Ratina proudly present Minikino at Ratina, the largest shopping centre in Tampere. Films at this screening interest even the youngest in the family. And it’s free.

There will also be an opportunity to take a photo of the whole family in front of the official photoscreen of the Festival on the Red Carpet at the shopping centre’s Event Square downstairs.

Tampere today

At  the main square of Tampere, there is a special opportunity to experience ice art. The Laikku park will house an ice sculpture tent, where people can get astonished by the mystical world full of ice, snow and light, created by ten ice sculptors. The tent will be on the main square, as weather allows: Mon–Fri 12.00–8pm, Sat–Sun 10am–6pm Tickets: 5 €

Hungry for Tampere? Tampere is uniquely located between two big lakes. The clean nature and the countryside surround us, and they are present in menus and drink lists of our most local restaurants. Whether you fancy a relaxed gastropub, innovative fine dining or a homely lunch at Tampere Market Hall, quality and taste are a given. Local produce, innovativeness and respect for ingredients are more a rule than an exception!

When looking for a delicious way to end a day of Tampere Film Festival, look no further than!