Programme Preview

The Festival just keeps getting bigger. You may start the day with two World Premiers at Walls 3. Samir Syriani presents his film Contact (Lebanon, 2019) and Borbála Nagy Everything Alright (Germany, 2018) at Finnkino Plevna at 12:00.

Minorities visit Lapland with Sámi Filbma at Finnkino Plevna at 8pm. The screening includes the best of new Sámi films.

Visit Hällä at 6pm for touching films about migration, integration, and identity. Screening is part of People on the Road Project funded by the European Union Frame Voice Report!.

Anna Eriksson presents her first film M (Finland, 2018) at Finnkino Plevna at 11pm. Earlier in the afternoon at 4pm, it is possible to find out about her artistic influences on Carte Blanche curated by her.

There’s a lot more in the programme, for example Yugoslavia and Euphoria.

Sara Margrethe Oskal: Beaivvi Nieida (Norway, 2017)

Don’t miss this

Modern Moomins will be discussed at the Festival Centre’s Stage between 12.30–1.30 pm. The tolerant world of Moomins is a good lead up to the immigration theme.

In People on the Move Project’s Seminar, Finnish Migration Institute’s Senior Researcher Marja Tiilikainen and film directors will discuss integration and identity with the audience. The seminar will take place at Werstas auditorium starting at 2pm with free admission. After the seminar the screening of Different stories about human trafficking will start at the Screening Room from which it is easy to head to Hällä for the People on the Move screening (see above)

Head to Twin Peaks themed TFF Afterparty at Klubi 10pm–05am. Tickets 8,50 € from Tiketti, 10 € at the door, or after 24 3 €.

Free fun

It is the International Women’s Day and Tampere Film Festival will celebrate with an early Finnish film the Burglary from 1926 (Harry Roeck Hansen, Erkki Kivijärvi, Finland) screened at Tampere Cathedral. The silent film will be accompanied by the highly regarded organist Esa Toivola. The film is based on the work of Minna Canth, a Finnish writer and feminist born 175 years ago. In cooperation with Tampereen ev.lut. seurakunnat, Aamulehti and Bright

Bootcamp screenings at Hällä  are free of charge and everyone is welcome.

Tampere today

You may struggle with getting up after the Party last night. A fresh walk may do the trick. You can hit the waterside path next to Festival Hotel Ilves and head South past Ratina to the lakeside all the way to Hatanpää Arboretum and beyond. The views are rewarding mix of city scape and amazing Finnish nature. There is an outdoor gym under a bridge on the way, in case you put on a few extra kilos in the wonderful Tampere restaurants. Dress up warm as the wind from the icy lake can be piercing. The path is lit at dark and safe enough to walk any time of day.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, admission is free for women at the Lenin Museum.