Programme Preview

There are films to all tastes today. Competition screenings get up to full speed, the quality guaranteed as the selection was made out of 5 000 submissions.

Risto Jarva Prize will be 40 this year, and the Finnish Film Foundation turns 50 celebrating also at the Tampere Film Festival. Risto Jarva Prize has a new laureat, and a selection of past winners will be screened at the Festival Risto Jarva 1 at Niagara at 14:00.

A selection of Japanese female film makers’ work will be seen at Niagara in the screening curated by the Japanese Image Forumin at 8pm. There is a personal touch to the popular animations created by women.

The fearless can enjoy intelligent Horror at Niagara  but it is a tough choice as at the same time there will be the retrospective of the Master of Animation Theodore Ushev at Finnkino Plevna at 10pm. Prior to the screening there will be an opportunity to enjoy drinks at pop up F Bar upstairs of the Finnkino cinema opening today. You can only take your drinks to the screenings on Friday or Saturday after 9pm.

On top of all this, there is anything from Minorities in form of Sweden Finns to Kino-TAMK’s new talent.

Nao Yoshigai: Kaze ni noru hanashi (Japan, 2018)

Don’t miss this

It may not be too late to buy a ticket for the Script Tampere. Registration will be open at  at 9.00am–10.00am at Tampereen Tarinatehdas. The script writing seminar has a number of interesting speakers.

Free fun

Get to know the new feature, Screening Room in Siperia. At 5pm Nigerian victims of trafficking and activists in Benin City and Lagos will use their voice. As a curiosity, there will be a short film by NGO Girls Power Initiative used to educate people on the dangers of trafficking.  The screening will be repeated on Friday and Saturday.

At the Festival Centre, WIFT 1 brings feminist film from France at 2pm from Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir, a real gem in our Femmes Programme

Tampere today

What would Tampere Film Festival be without a sauna? Located right in the centre of Tampere there is the Sauna Restaurant Kuuma with a modern smoke sauna and the regular wood heated sauna. Outside in the natural water there is the pool, slightly frozen. After the sauna, relax on the winter terass 10–15 € 11am–11pm.

Tampere – The Sauna Capital of the World – welcomes everybody to its cosy warmth! We have over 30 public saunas in the region for anyone to relax in, throughout the year. You can choose the soft heat of the oldest public sauna in Finland, or the atmospheric warmth of the country’s newest public sauna. Most saunas also offer the chance to dip into the lake – all year round. Tampere is undoubtedly the Sauna Capital of the World! See more at