Few words on integration

The project People on the Road comes to an end. It’s time to consider what we learned and did we achieve what we wanted. The most concrete achievements were seminars,… Read more »

Pistokkaat – Cuttings

How to use art as a tool in integration? Can art work as a moderator? If words aren’t enough, does art help to express yourself? These are questions which we… Read more »


During Tampere Film Festival we organized two People on the Road happenings: PEK – Elokuva välineenä screening on Thursday and the seminar on the next day, on Friday. On Thursday’s… Read more »

People on the Road Seminar

Tampere Film Festival and Pirkanmaa Film Centre present People on the Road seminar on the 8th of March 2019 in the Werstas Auditorium at 2pm-5pm. Film directors and global migration… Read more »

Scenes at the City

Scenes at the city -workshop was held at Tammela school in Tampere 15.- 19.10.2018. The workshop was organized by Lotta Wilén from Arkkitehtuurikoulu Tiili and Kalle Raittila from Pirkanmaa Film Centre…. Read more »

Mikä haluaisit olla isona

Mikä haluaisit olla isona is a extract from documentary Toimintaa ja kohtaamisia Kotirannassa. Kotiranta is a grouphome in Mänttä-Vilppula in Pirkanmaa. The documentary is made by Kotiranta’s workers, children and… Read more »

People on the Road

This is a working diary and video blog of the People on the road -initiative. The initiative is a shared project of Tampere Film Festival and Pirkanmaa Film Centre created… Read more »