Photo: Yuhsuan Yao

Fri 6 March | 10am–11.30am | Festival Center | In Finnish

How to evaluate art, when there are no finished pieces? What is actually reviewed by the people who make decisions about grants? What do the reviewers wish to find in an application? What do the decision-makers think about, when they read the applications?

We all have opinions about art, but an opinion is not a fact. Who makes fact-based art assessments? Does anyone talk about the intrinsic value of art anymore?

The panellists include members of the National Council for Audiovisual Art and regional arts councils, who make decisions or give expert opinions about the film and media arts applications received by the The Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

The panel:
chairperson Dag Andersson, Managing Director | Antti Selkokari, film critic | Janne Nabb, artist | Maija Blåfield, media artist | Marjaana Rantama, set designer | Tellervo Kalleinen, media artist | Marko Karvonen, lecturer | Taina Kontio, media artist | Moderator special advisor Sari Ilmola