Photo: Janne Järvinen

Sat 7 March | 1.00pm–5.45pm | Factory | Advance registration

Do you have a film project, but you’re not sure how to apply for funding? Or would you like to get a distributor for your film but don’t know how to do it? Are you interested in sending your film to a festival but don’t have a clue which one? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Consulting Sessions are for you!

At Consulting Sessions the participants get to speak with film industry professionals and specialists. The event includes Round Table meetings with festivals and one-on-one meetings with financiers, buyers, distributors and film production professionals.

  • 1.00pm–2.00pm Session 1: Festivals (Round Tables)
  • 2.30pm–4.00pm Session 2: Financiers & Buyers (One-on-one)
  • 4.15pm–5.45pm Session 3: Distributors & Film production professionals (One-on-one)

The Representatives of the Sessions

The event has advance registration (below). The event is free to attend. 

In the Round Table meetings there are two festival representatives per table. The participants are divided into groups of 4 people. Each group has 20 minutes to discuss the topic of their choosing with the representatives after which they move on to the next table.

In the one-on-one meetings, each representative has their own table and the participant go from table to table according to a pre-organised schedule. At each table each participant has 10 minutes to discuss the topic of their choosing with the representatives after which they move on to the next table.


Please see below the representatives / representative groups of each session. Please access the registration form by clicking the name of representative and register an appointment with the representative in question. Please note that by filling in a particular form you register only to a meeting with the representative in question, not to the whole session or event.

Event’s coordinator schedules the meeting according to the registrations. The schedule will be emailed to the participants and can be seen at the venue during the event.

Please note that there is only limited number of meetings for each representative. Registration is open until 3 March or until the meetings are fully booked. Please inquire after possible vacancies from the organiser (via email kati-anne.leino(at) from March 4 onwards or at the venue during the event from 12.30noon onwards.

It is possible to register for the meetings on your own or with a partner.

Session 1: Festivals (Round Tables) | 1.00pm–2.00pm |
3 x 20min group meetings / table | 4 people / group

  • TABLE 1:
    • NORDISK PANORAMA: Maria Stoianova
    • SHEFFIELD DOC/FEST: Melanie Iredale
  • TABLE 2:
  • TABLE 3:
    • UPPSALA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL: Niclas Due Gillberg

Session 2: Financiers & Buyers (One-on-one) | 2.30pm–4.00pm |
9 x 10min meetings / representative

Session 3: Distributors & Film production professionals (One-on-one) | 4.15pm–5.45pm |
9 x 10min meetings / representative

Riina Liukkonen is Scanbox’s Head of Finnish Production. She has helped to distribute Armomurhaaja, The Guardian Angel and Thick Lashes of Lauri Mäntyvaara, to mention a few.

In case of any problems, please contact the event organiser by e-mail: kati-anne.leino(at)