How can I submit a film to the International Competition 2018?
Submission can be done only via reelport. Read the regulations, fill in the online entry form, upload the preview file / inform downloadable vimeo link, apply to Tampere Film Festival’s International Competition 2018 and make the payment.

Can the festival preview the film from a vimeo link?
Yes as long as it’s downloadable. You can either upload preview file or inform downloadable vimeo link in the entry form. Do not send links via email: the submission is complete only after we receive both, entry form & preview file/link, via reelport. Incomplete submissions will not be previewed.

Can I inform other than vimeo links in the entry form?
Unfortunately no. Only downloadable vimeo links are accepted.

Can I send a DVD for the preview?
We do not preview DVDs, we need to receive a preview file/downloadable vimeo link of the film via reelport.

Can I submit a film though it has been shown in another festival?
Yes, we accept films though it has been premiered.

Can I submit a film though it is available for viewing in Internet?
Yes, we accept films that are in Internet.

Do I need to put English subtitles for the preview file in case the dialogue language is English?
Not necessary. The main thing is that the film can be previewed throughout in English so that the preview process is possible.

I have made several films, can I submit them all?
You can submit several films as long as films’ obey the regulations.

Can I submit a film which duration is more than 30 minutes?
The time limit for the International Competition is 30 minutes.

Can I submit a working copy of the film?
We accept completed productions only. Working copies will not be previewed.

I missed the deadline; can I still submit the film?
We do not accept late entries.

Can you wave the entry fee?
The fee we charge is quite modest. As for waivers we have a policy of not giving them because we feel that film makers should be treated equal.

When the selected films will be announced?
Final selection is announced on February 1st 2018 at our site

Will you inform all submitters about the selection?
Only the submitters of the selected films will be contacted personally.

More questions?
Please contact our Office