Thu 5 March | 1pm–6pm | Tullikamari | In Finnish | Free Entry

Pirkanmaan elokuvakeskus ry. (PEK) on vuodesta 1982 saakka edistänyt elokuvakulttuuria. Osaksi elokuvakeskuksen toimintaa kuuluvat erilaisten työpajojen järjestäminen. Niiden tuotoksia esitellään nyt tässä kokonaisuudessa.



The fifth year of Trash Films continues with the previous year’s theme of bio waste, and touches some of the earlier themes as well. The short films show us how the plastic waste in the oceans looks like a friendly playmate to a newborn turtle, and how a teenager from Ruovesi deals with eco-anxiety.

The teenagers from Pirkanmaa took the topic of irrational waste sorting and highlighted, for example, biogas production in their films. As a result of foolish sorting, the nature strikes back creating monsters, and even the public transport in Kolho is not safe.

The screening is targeted for lower and upper secondary school pupils. It consists of eight films made together with teenagers. The screening is free of charge and the duration is approximately an hour, including an award ceremony.

2.30pm (Attention! The Screening Time Has Changed!)


The Tampere Film Festival and Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa organised a video workshop called “Lyhärikurssi nuorille” for the young in the member households during the winter holiday week. One of this year’s festival themes was visible in the workshop topics: climate change.

The films in this screening are short films made during the workshop. During this screening, an expert jury selected by Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa will award the best filmmaking group.



The ”Elokuvalla eteenpäin” short films have been created within the Elokuvaullakko project of the Pirkanmaa Film Centre. The films based on the ideas of young adults are made in an office space at the Partnership House Artteli. The participants have found their way to the project via different departments of the City of Tampere, and there has been collaboration with a music band, a child protective services unit and a small group organised by the Nokia congregation, among others. The series consists of very different types of stories, and the themes vary from the Iron Age to present times. Some of the short films deal with encounters with different authorities. The stories often use satire to make it easier to discuss difficult or emotional topics. Personal expression has been a major theme when making these films. With the help of the instructors at Elokuvaullakko, the young adults have participated as screenwriters, performers, gaffers, cinematographers, sound mixers, directors, editors and composers. The series also includes three premieres. Some younger children have participated as well, and therefore the last two films are screened only for adults.


VAMPYYRI (Duration 4 minutes)
A music video for the band Selkä & Issias. A vampire is treated badly.

PALLOTTELU (Duration 4 minutes)
The answerphone at Kela takes matters into its own hands.

RAUTAKAUSI ”LINNAVUORI” (Duration 3 minutes)
A documentary of the relations between Iron Age tribes.

MIKÄ JÄRKI TÄSSÄ ON? (Duration 1 minute)
An observation about the city centre.

RAUTAKAUSI ”SOTA” (Duration 4 minutes)
A documentary about the Iron Age warfare.

PAPERISOTA (Duration 8 minutes)
A person loses their receipt. How does the government office react?

KATASTROFI (Duration 1 minute)
A young person faces the worst possible disaster.

FOBIA (Duration 8 minutes)
Pupils have a substitute teacher who is not quite up to the task, but is still better liked than the regular teacher.

JUOPPOKUSKI (Duration 11 minutes)
Three people share a past. It has been a year since they last met. The film also has a rat.

OIKEA ONGELMA (Duration 5 minutes)
A group instructor spins out of control. Is an identity theft worth it?