Sat 7 March | 4pm–5.30pm | Werstas Auditorium | In English |

Masterclass will be live streamed and captioned to WIFT Finland YouTube Channel

Womarts highlights the equal share presence of women in the arts and creative industries in the European cultural heritage and diversity. Womarts Ambassadors are recognised as outstanding European artists from different fields of arts and culture and they have been invited to host a series of masterclasses in Europe. 

Director Miia Tervo hosts a Womarts Masterclass at Tampere Film Festival in collaboration with WIFT Finland. Miia will share her path as a filmmaker and talk about her passion and inspiration for filmmaking.

Miia’s motivation for being a Womarts Ambassador:
Most films are still about and told by men. The world also needs stories about and told by women. Since childhood us women have learnt to watch male stories, to identify with men. When stories about and by women become more and more, also men get a chance to identify with women and the female perspective. This will help increase understanding, equality and overall respect towards women. 

The internationally awarded director Miia Tervo (b. 1980) was born and grew up in the Finnish Lapland. Her short films The Seal, The Little Snow Animal, Santra and the Talking Trees as well as Clumsy Little Acts of Tenderness have won numerous awards at festivals. Tervo‘s debut fiction feature film Aurora has been a critical success. It premiered as an opening film at Gothenburg Film Festival in January 2019. In 2020 director Tervo is nominated for the best directing award at Jussi, the Finnish national film awards for two of her feature films Force of Habit and Aurora, which gathered all together 13 nominations.