Charlie Cruz Kauppila

Hi! My name is Charlie Cruz Kauppila and I’m a second grade student at the Tampere Arts-Oriented Senior Secondary School. My hobbies include tennis, casual photography and volunteering as a youth mentor at our congregation’s confirmation camps. I’ve been able to express my interest in film during film classes and I’m most interested in cinematography and editing. I highly value musical choices and good visual narration in films.

Siiri Penttilä

I’m Siiri Penttilä and I’m a second grade student at the Tampere Arts-Oriented Senior Secondary School. My calendar is filled with music and theatre. In addition to acting
and singing I play several musical instruments and I enjoy making music for theatre and short film productions. When I’m going to see a film, I’m always curious and
always waiting for an arresting experience. Acting as a judge provides a very interesting opportunity to assume a more critical role and to watch films as a sum of their parts. Who knows, maybe I’ll find something as spellbinding as the works of Studio Ghibli.

Armi Smura

I’m an 18-year-old visual arts student at the Tammerkoski upper secondary school. I
actively watch films and documentaries and I’m also interested in their production.
That is why I shoot films myself and why I’m striving to go into the film industry in the future. When I watch films I pay attention to camera movements and angles. While doing my own video projects I enjoy editing the most. In addition to cinema I’m also interested in teaching and languages.

Peppi Takala

Hi! My name is Peppi Takala and I’m a visual arts student in my final year at Tammerkoski upper secondary school. In addition to visual art my hobbies include dance and hanging out with my dog. Since I was little I’ve been interested in writing,
shooting and editing short films. I’ve taken part in a few film competitions and each time they have been wonderful and instructive experiences. In my spare time I like to watch films of all kinds: new and old, Finnish and foreign, short and long. In my opinion, the best films are a combination of an entertaining idea and an aesthetically pleasing execution.