Antti Alanen

Kuva:Valentina Iaccarino

Books: MMM Elokuvaopas [Film Guide] (1995, 2005) ja Elokuvantekijät [Encyclopedia of Film-Makers] (2012).
– Elokuva ja psyyke [Film and Psyche] series of books 1–5 (ed. 2007–2019).
– Citizen Peter [on Peter von Bagh] (ed. Olaf Möllerin kanssa, 2015).
– Sähköiset unet: musiikkivideot: miten taiteesta tuli pop [Electric Dreams: Music Video, Or: How Art Became Pop] (1992, design Ilppo Pohjola) ja Suomalainen musiikkivideografia [Finnish Music Videography] (2004).
– Musta peili: kauhuelokuvan kehitys Prahan ylioppilaasta Poltergeistiin [Dark Mirror: the Evolution of the Horror Film from The Student of Prague till Poltergeist] (1985, & Asko Alanen).
– Marilyn – alaston naamio [Marilyn – a Naked Mask] (1982, 1996).

Petri Peltonen

Petri Peltonen works as Statistics and Research Specialist at the Finnish Film Foundation. He is responsible for compiling statistical data on the film industry and the Film Foundation such as statistics on admissions and the funds of Film Foundation. Peltonen is a big cinephile and a movie list maker. He has written a movie quiz book Kelaa sitä (Reuna, 2017) with Paavo Ihalainen, Maria Pirkkalainen and Anton Vanha-Majamaa. He holds a master’s degree in social sciences, having majored in statistics with minors in communications and mathematics.

Previously he has worked as a mathematician at The Social Insurance Institution.

Sanna Liljander

Sanna Liljander has a bachelor’s degree in documentary filmmaking from ELO Film School Finland and she’s also done film studies in Metropolia UAS. In 2015 she won the Risto Jarva Award with her one-shot documentary The Joy of Everyday Life, a minimalistic portrait of everyday joys of motherhood. Liljander likes to keep it simple, and often ventures on to the invisible border of video art and cinema, using mostly documentary material in her works. Her short films have been screened at many international festivals and received some awards. In 2015 The Joy of Everyday Life was also a nominee for Short Film Conference’s Short Film of the Year. In the beginning of 2019, Liljander started master’s studies in the Academy of Fine Arts, concentrating on moving image studies. But right now, she’s concentrating on the joys of everyday life as a mother on parental leave.