BAB SEBTA | CEUTA’S GATE | Randa Maroufi | France, Morocco | 2019
For pushing the limits of the possibility of documentary filmmaking and finding a personal way to discuss important universal themes. It shows the absurdity of invisible borders, lines, and maps created by human society, and the roles these boundaries force us to play. 


OMÉ | Wassim Geagea |Lebanon, Qatar 2019
For creating a deceivingly simple coming-of-age story around a young protagonist that constructs his own reality, unravelling the existing superstitions of the adult world. 


NÅGOT ATT MINNAS | SOMETHING TO REMEMBER | Niki Lindroth von Bahr | Sweden | 2019
For the gentle sense of humour and the tenderness for its broken characters, beautifully expressed through the enchantment of the simple, melancholic melody, anticipating the smallest of apocalypses. 


For starting with the Grumpy Cat and slowly morphing into a frequently absurd take on loneliness. 


MÉMORABLE MEMORABLE | Bruno Collet | France | 2019
For drawing from masters of European fine art to emulate the disappearance of memories, the loss of context, in a world defined by the brushstrokes of life. 


IJRAIN MARADONA | MARADONA’S LEGS | Firas Khoury |Palestine, Germany | 2019


ALL INCLUSIVE |Teemu Nikki |Finland 2019
For the glorious nastiness that captures perfectly the times we live in, overturning the underdog trope so fast it will make your head spin. 


Under 30 minutes


THE FANTASTIC | Maija Blåfield | Finland | 2020
A fascinating matrix of ideas and images is used to explore complex matters of identity, culture, creativity, interpretation in this original, engaging and stimulating artistic essay. Fragments and glimpses of reality interweave and distort, gradually forming a double-sided mirror through which we may see “the other” but also, ultimately, ourselves.


ONKO SULLA NÄLKÄ? |ARE YOU HUNGRY? | Teemu Niukkanen |Finland | 2019
Brevity is, as we all know, the soul of wit. Humorous short films are never in “short” supply, but it is still rare to encounter one executed with such hilarious flair as the winner of our special prize. Observing family and social relationships with intelligence, visual ingenuity and a streak of absurdity, it hits the funny-bone as well as the heart. 


THE FANTASTIC | Maija Blåfield | Finland |2020


TO TEACH A BIRD TO FLY | Minna Rainio, Mark Roberts | Finland | 2020

Over 30 minutes


ORKESTERIN EDESSÄ | CONDUCTIVITY | Anna-Karin Grönroos | Finland | 2019
A film in tune with the emotions and senses of its protagonists, this observational study of learning, interpersonal contact, hard work and collaborative creation informs, educates and delights in a subtle but penetrating style. Note by note, a human symphony is composed. 


NEITI AIKA | LADY TIME | Elina Talvensaari | Finland | 2019
Taking full advantage of a chance discovery, the filmmaker guides the audience on a journey through a seemingly ordinary life — excavating the magic, the tragedy and the joy of the everyday. A healthy obsession on the part of an artist yields cumulative rewards for herself and her viewers in this accessible, empathetic and resonant miniature of closely-observed detail.

National Competition


TO TEACH A BIRD TO FLY | Minna Rainio, Mark Roberts | Finland | 2020
This year, the standard of the national competition was high. We thank the film-makers for their courage to deal with big topics. It was a difficult but rewarding challenge to choose the winner among such a distinguished set of competitors.

How to address climate change and the extinction of species? The theme is so huge and awesome that it is difficult to deal with.

The distinction of this film is that it does not moralize, sermonize nor paint horror visions. Instead, it makes us think.

The film combines documentary material with fiction and is set in a dystopian world in the near future.

Although the topic is terrifying, the film is bright and beautiful.


NEITI AIKA LADY TIME | Elina Talvensaari  Finland | 2019 | Documentary

15 years ago, the Church Media Foundation was established by 24 largest parish unions and the Church Council of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland.

The purpose of the Foundation is to support and promote producing, distributing and broadcasting programs dealing with religion, ethical issues and values.

Here, at the 50th Tampere Film Festival, we have seen skillful depictions of righteousness, atonement and forgiveness, loving ones neighbour, the value of each individual life and the mysteries of the universe that escape the human observation.

The Church Media Foundation has chosen to present an Award to a film that is simultaneously timely and timeless. It invites the viewer to pause and ponder big issues like loneliness, life without children, the perishability of everything and the things that truly matter in life.

In this documentary, the filmmaker becomes a modern-day Good Samaritan who volunteers to help selflessly an unknown person. With that, the viewers get lured into a mind-boggling journey through the time, through happiness and sorrow.

This film is deeply touching, humane and consoling reminder that life itself is meaningful even if the memories later on will be lost in the timestream.


49 YEARS FROM THE HOUSE ON THE LEFT | Cinematographer Theofanis Kavvadas | Finland, Turkey | 2019

Lights in the darkness… Our winning film tells its enigmatic story through contrasts of illumination and obscurity, transcending the limits of time by the simplest but most poetic of visual means.


KOTIMATKA | HOMEBOUND | Marika Harjusaari | Finland, South Africa | 2019


SILMÄSTÄ SILMÄÄN | EYE TO EYE | John Webster | Finland | 2020

SPECIAL MENTION (under 30 minutes)

KEPPI | THE STICK | Teppo Airaksinen | Finland | 2019

WASTE NO. 4 NEW YORK, NEW YORK | Jan Ijäs | Finland | 2019


HÄNEN PÄÄNSÄ HER HEAD | Emma Louhivuori| Finland |2019


FILL THE SCREEN | Pasi Sleeping Myllymäki | Finland | 2019