Great Festival depends on great partners

Tampere Film Festival has several important large national and international partners, but we also place special value on our smaller local partnerships in Tampere. This page will introduce you to some of them.

T-shirts make the Festival

Our warm and welcoming atmosphere is enhanced by our cool image. Every year our staff wears the annual Festival look on our T-shirts. But where do these shirts come from and how are they produced? Suomen Kolibri [Finland’s Hummingbird] is a long-term local partner who finds reliable quality around the world for us. We share the values of environmental awareness and ethical production.

We can still improve a lot as a Festival when it comes to environmental questions. We increase awareness by showing various films discussing ethical questions but how much do we actually realize our ethical vision in our own Festival purchases?

It is genuinely important to us that our partner Kolibri only buys from producers who sign not to use child labour. We value the large selection of recycled and biodegradable products in their selection, and the fact that Kolibri pays special attention to the environmental cost of production chains and raw materials. It is also important fact that the company is local from Tampere.

Hummingbird is a long-term partner who ensures that the t-shirts you see us wearing at least try to match our best intentions.

Printing under pressure

Print materials are an annual challenge when organising a festival. We value quality on our Programme Catalogue, and our guests like to take the printed version home as a memoir and to scroll through one. Programme details are confirmed always fairly late as we want to produce a current festival with the most interesting films from around the world. Our printing house faces quite a challenge when we finally produce the book. Then there are the guest passes that can only be printed after our guests have completed accreditation. And the postcards and posters, flyers and adverts, business cards and leaflets.

Printing has been moving out of Finland to countries with lower labour costs. Tampere Film Festival still prints locally. We have for years trusted Tampereen Offsetpalvelu who can face off the worst challenges we come to throw their way and do so professionally. With strong experience they know what we need and want and stretch to miracles when necessary. It is a constant wonder to us how fast out printed materials appear in our offices. And at the same time, we know our money is supporting local business and employment.

New partnerships

In 2019, we started cooperation with a family company from Tampere, HappyEco. They had a more ecological solution for us when we wanted a new photo screen. HappyEco’s screens are ecological and can be recycled. And once again, we had a chance to support local entrepreneurship.

Local Cooperation

There are many local restaurants and companies that we rely on to make this festival happen. The City of Tampere is our most important partner. We have various national and local organisations that support us, also financially. We gain EU funding most years for our projects. Without these partnerships there would not be the Tampere Film Festival you know and love. And to improve and develop, new partnerships are constantly being sought

We introduce our partners on this page because we value cooperation. None of them has paid for this publicity.