We will have three free-of-charge warm-up screenings before the Festival actually kicks off. 

Climate Screening at Main Library Metso

Climate Programme of the Festival will be introduced at Climate Screening which will be held at Main Library Metso on Wednesday, February 26th. Climate Screening consists of the films which all share the same anxiety of the global climate crisis. Outside of the Climate Programme, short film  Nature Now, directed by Tom Mustill and narrated by climate activists Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot, will be screened at Metso.

After the screening there is an open discussion about the themes of the films led by Antti Sorri, Tapani Laine and Timo Vuorio from Puistofilosofia.

Climate Screening on Wed 26.2. at 5 pm | Main Library Metso, Lehmus Hall | free of charge
Nature Now by Tom Mustill (2019)
Dulce by  Angello Faccini, Guille Isa | United States, Colombia, Peru | 2018
Scenes From A Dry City by  Francois Verster, Simon Wood | South Africa | 2018
Voices On The Road by  Eilidh Munro, Bethan John | United Kingdom | 2019
Metsänuudistus by  Elina Renko | Finland | 2016

European Audience Award Screenings at Niagara

The audience will be entertained also with two free-of-charge European Audience Award screenings at Niagara on Monday March 2nd and on Tuesday March 3rd. The screenings will present  a selection of the European short films awarded with a national audience award last year. Now these films are nominated for the very first European Short Film Audience Award which will be handed out in April 2020. The award is launched by Brussels Short Film Festival and 9 partner festivals, one of which is Tampere Film Festival. Audience at the screenings at Tampere can vote for their favourite film.

In addition, Festival Week Warm-Up will be organised at Arthouse Cafe Kehräsaari right after the screening of European Audience Award 1 on Monday March 2nd at 18.30. Get ready for programme introductions, stories spanning the 50 years of the festival and entertainment by Elokuvakerho Monroe. Powered by The Good Guys Kombucha.

European Audience Award 1 on Mon March 2nd  at 5 pm | Niagara | free-of-charge
Entre Sombras by Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos | Portugal | 2018
Vihta by François Bierry | Belgium | 2018  
Fusy (Dregs) by Kordian Kądziela | Poland | 2017
Nefta Football Club by Yves Piat | France | 2018

European Audience Award 2 on Tue  March 3rd at 5 pm | Niagara | free-of-charge
Untitled (Burned Rubber On Asphalt) by Tinja Ruusuvuori | Finland | 2019
Mia Donna  by Pavlo Ostrikov | Ukraine | 2018
De Spelende Mens – Homo Ludens by Sanne Rovers | The Netherlands | 2018
Bad Lesbian by  Irene Moray | Spain | 2018

Festival Week Warm-Up on Mon March 2nd at 6.30 pm  | Arthouse Cafe Kehräsaari | free-of-charge

The Programme of Tampere Film Festival 2020 will be announced overmorrow, on Wedneday February 12th.