At 10.00 EAA & BFM screening
At 13.45 CUC 2 screening

This year brings plenty of young filmmakers from China and Estonia to Tampere Film Festival. Young filmmakers, often still studying in film schools, come here for Tampere Bootcamp, which brings together approximately 60 filmmakers during the festival to introduce their films and discuss them with more experienced people in the field.

Due to the nature of the participants, the Bootcamp will pay particular attention to the differences and similarities in the making of Chinese and Western short films. Nearly half of the Bootcamp participants are from China; the rest come from Finland and Estonia.

For young people wanting to break into the industry, Bootcamp offers an intensive five-day training and networking event, where some of them will have the opportunity to receive feedback on their films. The core of the Bootcamp is comprised of the participants’ films, followed by discussions. The screened films and the rest of the Tampere Film Festival programme also form the basis for master classes and discussions, attended by more seasoned filmmakers, festival curators and other industry professionals.

The Bootcamp screenings are also open to other festival-goers, as are many of the master classes.




Nata Metlukh |Estonia | 2018 | Animation | 10 min

The Gaia hypothesis proposes that Earth is a giant self-regulating system, which is able to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet.

Jass Kaselaan
|Estonia | 2018 | Animation | 8 min

Four friends from New York go on vacation to tropics, but things go sideways.

Huei Jen Hung |Estonia | 2018 | Animation | 2 min

Frank, a human size puppet who is enjoying his time in a coffee shop, until the real humans show up and interrup Frank’s routine.

Madis Saverio Santostasi |Estonia | 2018 | Animation | 6 min

Flat n’ Round revolves around two children who get into an argument regarding the shape of the Earth. The boy who believes that the Earth is spherical is round himself and the boy who believes that the Earth is flat just so happens to be flat as well. There are two types of people in this alternate reality – round people who harmoniously blend into the world they live in and flat people who feel like outcasts because they never really resemble their surroundings. Despite this, both of these people dogmatically believe that the Earth must be shaped like themselves, just like how people anthropomorphize deities. Thus, our protagonists go on a wild adventure to find an answer to this age-old question once and for all. We even get to see the representatives of both races who travel to space just to observe the Earth with their own naked eye. Once it turns out that the Earth is in fact round, our flat boy protagonist makes a desperate wish to a falling star who happens to be the poor representative of the flat people, plunging from space to sacrifice himself for a noble cause of turning the Earth flat. The story seamlessly blends reality and the children’s wild imagination and we get to experience the very real and dangerous consequences of an Earth that has been turned flat. The film has a surprising and dramatic turn of events and all of the characters reach a deeper level of understanding by the end of the story.

Mari Kivi |Estonia | 2018 | Animation | 5 min

The instinctive need for the contact has created a addictive relationship, what helps to keep up the endless washing cycle.

Mari Kivi, Liis Kokk |Estonia | 2018 | Animation | 8 min

On one hand it’s a dirty work and on the other hand gorgeous product.

Liis Kokk |Estonia | 2018 | Animation | 3 min

He really wants the apples but his stubborn attempts to get them knocks the world out of it’s balance.




Reeli Reinaus |Estonia | 2017 | Documentary | 14 min

Margus, 17, opened his eyes to the world earlier than planned. Ever since, he has been guided through life by his loving family. This film is about Margus and his mother and the unconditional love that unfolds through shared creativity and the sense of presence.

Hõbe Ilus |Estonia | 2017 | Documentary | 12 min

How is it to live in the country side where water is to be brought from the city, your closest friend is a sheep and all you desire is to be a full-time poet? The answer is known only to Võike Kulmus, who lives in a small house in South-Estonia whose day is spent largely on everyday tasks. Observational documentary reflects the eternal conflict of art and everyday life.

Rauno Polman |Estonia | 2018 | Fiction/Drama | 12 min

“Muse” explores illusions, judgement and dealing with reality in everyday life. The story follows four young people one day in a cafe, were illusions come crashing down. Only to arise once again. Kristjan is dreaming of love and affection to the point where he is unable to see what is happening right in front of him. And when he is finally bound to face the reality, is there still chance for redemption?

Teresa Väli |Estonia | 2017 | Drama | 8 min

In every life, there are moments that change everything. Moments that just happen, unexpected, capsizing our present. Saara adores her father despite their distance. On the day of his birthday she visits him at his seaside country house. But the house is empty and her father’ s boat has been taken out to sea. Eagerly, she prepares to surprise him upon his return. But the man she meets on the pier is not who she expected him to be.

Victor Marvin |Estonia | 2018 | Drama | 13 min

After falling for a girl after their first night together a young man gets sucked into a whirlwind of coincidence. What follows is a poetic journey that flows from bliss to misfortune.


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