Sat 10.3 Pakkahuone

at 10.00 CUC 3 screening
at 15.00 Jan Harlan Masterclass


Sun Yang | China | 2017 | Fiction | 26 min

Ann, a girl from a single parent family. At the first, she hates her mother’s new boyfriend, but in the duration of getting along with him, she gradually feels the fatherly concern.Afew months later, he has to leave, for the broken relationship with her mother.Ann realizes some delicate emotion arises between two of them.

Zhao Keer |
China | 2017 | Documentary | 31 min

Mentawai, which known as the “heart of men”, “the world’s best and the most suitable place for surfing”, locates in the western  of Indonesia, and is the holy land for a lot of surfers. Last July, Chinese surfers Alan/Zhao Yuanhong came here to challenge the 6-meter waves .Compared to the Europe and the United States, the development of surfing in China started late,There is less popularity.And as a young Chinese surfer, can Alan adapt to the environment of Mentawai, and successfully conquer the waves? Everything is unknown.

Liang Bo | China | 2017 | Fiction | 18 min

This film is based on the true story of a real person, and highlights the sense of authenticity through trivial and subtle drops. Show the hero energetic, optimistic, away from home, to adhere to the remote village education, youth dress up the mountains and the child’s life, their dream into the mountains children dream of touching story. From the ordinary angle, the whole movie shows this teacher, steadfast and persistent, never forget her original mind, writing youth songs on ordinary posts, emitting a dazzling light, vividly explaining the most beautiful rural female teachers’ demeanor.

Geng Xin | China | 2017 | Fiction | 30 min

The story mainly tells a lesbian, GaoJie who tries to reverse her sexual orientation in a homosexual reverse therapeutic base under the pressure of family and society. The base has lots of therapies,such as shock aversion therapy, hormone therapy, hypnotherapy. Due to the psychological and physical collapse, she decides to have an affair with a treatment model but finding that this guy actually was not reversed. Therefore, they two deceive the institution and her mother throught “Formal Marriage”. This story intends to show the conflict between the personal choice and social customs, and further convey a pursuit for the reality and free life.



Jan Harlan is a German-American executive producer who is best known for his work with Stanley Kubrick. Harlan met Kubrick when Kubrick married his sister. From there began a lifelong friendship and working partnership. Among other things, Harlan was the executive producer of The Shining and directed a feature-length documentary about Stanley Kubrick’s life. Both these films are a part of this year’s Special Programme.

For several years, Harlan has been a regular guest lecturer at the European Film College. This year, Tampere Film Festival offers a unique chance to attend a lecture from this legendary producer. During this interesting masterclass, Harlan will talk about his experiences with film production, working with film crews and how to use music as a script writing tool.