At 10.00 CUC 3 screening
At 15.00 Jan Harlan Masterclass

This year brings plenty of young filmmakers from China and Estonia to Tampere Film Festival. Young filmmakers, often still studying in film schools, come here for Tampere Bootcamp, which brings together approximately 60 filmmakers during the festival to introduce their films and discuss them with more experienced people in the field.

Due to the nature of the participants, the Bootcamp will pay particular attention to the differences and similarities in the making of Chinese and Western short films. Nearly half of the Bootcamp participants are from China; the rest come from Finland and Estonia.

For young people wanting to break into the industry, Bootcamp offers an intensive five-day training and networking event, where some of them will have the opportunity to receive feedback on their films. The core of the Bootcamp is comprised of the participants’ films, followed by discussions. The screened films and the rest of the Tampere Film Festival programme also form the basis for master classes and discussions, attended by more seasoned filmmakers, festival curators and other industry professionals.

The Bootcamp screenings are also open to other festival-goers, as are many of the master classes.

Jukka-Pekka Laakso