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Language/kieli: Eng, Fin | Duration/kesto: 40 min

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What does a film sound like when it is played? What happens to the image when there is another piece of music, or a third, or a fourth? These questions are answered with four different kinds of soundscapes made for Samuli Alapuranen’s short film Drag Me to Kempele by students of composing, music and media at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The work process had two basic starting points: a silent film (the participants had not heard the original soundtrack) and the soundscape of one instrument or a voice amplified with electronic aids. Each instrument is also distinctive: the flute, the mezzo soprano, the concert kantele and the cello all perform music alongside the film, one after another. All music is performed at the screening without advance recordings.


Samuli Alapuranen | Finland 2017 | Experimental, Documentary | 8 min

Kempele is a grey hole located in the northern part of Finnish Ostrobothnia. It neither pulls in or pushes away the flow of traffic that trickles through it via the E4 motorway. It is ordinary. It is flat. It is very difficult to come up with any more adjectives describing it. Drag Me to Kempele is a portrait of a mediocre town where people shop, exercise or drive through on their way to North or South.

Kempele on Pohjois-Pohjanmaalla sijaitseva harmaa aukko. Se ei vedä puoleensa eikä hylji sen läpi valuvaa nelostien liikennevirtaa. Se on tavallinen. Se on tasainen. Siitä on vaikea keksiä enempää adjektiiveja. Drag me to Kempele on kuvaus keskinkertaisesta paikkakunnasta, jossa käydään kaupassa, harrastetaan urheilua ja jonka läpi ajetaan matkalla pohjoiseen tai etelään.