The project People on the Road comes to an end. It’s time to consider what we learned and did we achieve what we wanted. The most concrete achievements were seminars, screenings and film workshops but as important are the people who met and changed their thoughts and ideas. Meeting people who think differently can change some perspectives.

Our last seminar was held on June. The discussion on integrations was very fruitful and substantial. Anne Keskitalo, Ilaria Tucci, Imran Adan and moderator Jukka-Pekka Laakso was sharing their thoughts on integration and discussing the role of art and culture. You can listen the discussion here.

Work continues: the film workshops run in Pirkanmaa Film Centre; Tampere Film Festival will screen a programme concerning the global warming, the fact which has an influence on migration so many ways.

All the films which were made in project, are possible to have as a teaching material. More info at Pirkanmaa Film Centre.

On my behalf I want to thank all the people who has made this project to happen. The work for free and equal world continues! – Riina