In honor of Estonia’s 100 years of independence, Tampere Film Festival will have seven screenings of Estonian short films.

Estonian Short Film Center is pleased to present a special event “Made in Estonia 100” that is dedicated to Estonia’s 100th anniversary.

1895 - Priit Pärn

1895 – Priit Pärn

Estonian cinema is world-known by animation. That is why the hero of the program is a legendary anima film maker Priit Pärn and his partner in life and work, Olga Pärn. Two programs, “Almost the Best” and “Two for Tango” are a selection of their works.

Pärn’s spirit can also be felt in the Estonian Academy Art’s program “Hyvin Best” as this is a selection of Pärn’s students’ work over ten years.

Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School presents “House of Cards” that reflects the current vibe in school and gives a hint about the style of future filmmakers.

Two programs in “Estonian Thoughts” are selected from the most successful Estonian shorts from last ten years. „A Bad Scene“ is a first compilation of five Estonian short films that form together a new art form.

The opening film of the festival is a mysterious “Laenatud naene” (Loaned Wife), the very first Estonians-played film of what multitalented artist Mart Sander has made his own artistic version. The original film will also be screened at the festival and film experts will be discussing the mystery surrounding the origin of the film.



Varakevad – Gustaf Boman Bränngård, Rain Tolk

Estonia Thoughts 1: Wed 7.3. 16.00 Niagara | Fri 9.3. 18.00 Pakkahuone
Priit Pärn: Wed 7.3. 20.00 / Niagara | Priit Pärn Sat 10.3. 12.00 / Niagara
Estonian Academy Of Arts: Thu 8.3. 14.00 Plevna 6
Olga & Priit Pärn: Thu 8.3. 20.00 Niagara | Fri 9.3. 10.00 Niagara
Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School: Fri 9.3. 12.00 Plevna 4
Estonian Thoughts 2: Sat 10.3. 22.00 Plevna 4 | Sun 11.3. 16.00 Niagara
A Bad Scene: Sat 10.3. 14.00 Niagara