Finnish Animation Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The Finnish Animation Guild’s panel

Language: FinDuration: 90 min

  • kalenteri-ikoni Sat 11.3.

  • kelloikoni 14:00 – 15:30

  • valuuttaikoni Free

  • karttaikoni Cafe & Bar Raina

The Finnish Animation Guild’s panel deep dives into the world of Finnish animated short films. The panellists discuss the first steps of Finnish animation and especially of animated short films: how the field has developed throughout the years, what factors have affected the development, what the status of Finnish short animation is today, and what challenges the field will yet face. The panel also sheds light on the history and work of the Finnish Animation Guild.


The panellists include the executive director of Finnanimation, editor and the author of Nordic Animation – Balancing the East and the West Liisa Vähäkylä, director and senior lecturer of animation at the Turku University of Applied Sciences Elli Vuorinen, director Tatu Pohjavirta, and media artist and the chairman of the Finnish Animation Guild Albert Laine.


The panel is moderated by the executive director of the Finnish Animation Guild Mika Koskinen.