Cities for People -panel

Finnish panel discussion is organized by the Tampere Film Festival and the Tampere University.

Language: FinDuration: 120 min

  • kalenteri-ikoni Thu 10.3.

  • kelloikoni 16:00 – 18:00

  • valuuttaikoni Free entry

  • karttaikoni Cine Atlas 3

There is a lot of discussion about cities and their sustainability. What equals a good city life, and whose point of view controls the urban development? The growth of Finnish cities offers an interesting playfield but also creates tension between population groups and threatens the urban nature. On what terms should cities be developed?

The panel discussion is organised by the Tampere Film Festival and the Tampere University, and in the panel are Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, the mayor of Tampere; Henni Salo, the culture coordinator of Hiedanranta; Jere Nieminen, chairman of the Wild Zone association; Toni Tuomola, residential development manager at Skanska; and Raija Mikkola, city planning architect at the City of Tampere. The discussion is moderated by Markus Laine, the university lecturer of sustainable urban development and Helena Leino, associate professor of environmental politics, Tampere University.


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