VJ Competition 2022

Tampere Film Festival presents a live VJ Competition on 22 October at the Media and Light Event Projio. The line-up features four talented video artists: VJ Indigo (Juha Forsander), VJ Mikko Lappi, VJ SELLEK (Tommi Mustaniemi), and VJ Teemu Raudaskoski.

The winner will be chosen by the Competition Jury: Hannu Hellstén (VJ Hellstone), Ilona Lehtonen  (VJ Visukisu) ja Kai Niinimäki (Finlayson Area). The Main Prize is 600 euros, and also the audience will have a chance to vote for their favourite VJ for the Audience Award.

The finalists will adjust their visuals live on-site according to the music played by DJ Serial Kitty (Minni Välipakka). 



Saturday 22 October at 19.00–21.30
Väinö Linna square, Finlayson Area, Tampere

The event is free of charge, unobstructed and suitable for all ages.
Projio is open during the Competition day at 18.00–20.00. Read more: www.projio.fi


VJ Indigon mustavalkoinen kasvokuva

VJ Indigo

VJ Indigo (Juha Forsander) is a Helsinki-based video artist. Their VJ career started in the early 2000’s, when the artist started missing visual content for their own ambient club DJ gigs. Forsander’s background in video and photographing helped making the visuals themselves too, and the rest is history.

What are your expectations for the live competition?

”It’s definitely going to be a rewarding and exciting experience. Winning would be a very nice surprise, of course, but working with visuals overall is very pleasing for me. I’m also very interested in the other finalists’ works.”

Mikko Lapin mustavalkoinen kasvokuva

VJ Mikko Lappi

Mikko Lappi is an animator and media artist, who has taken their first steps in VJ’ing only recently this year. Lappi is inspired by sci-fi themed, abstract and cryptic illustration, and in their live gigs all the works are based on self-made, unique materials.

What are your expectations for the live competition?

“I’m in the very beginning of my VJ career, so getting picked in the competition was a huge surprise. I’m somewhat frightened about the live competition, but mainly very excited, because the set-up is absolutely the greatest that I’ve had on my gigs this far. It is also interesting to see, what the more experienced VJ’s have created.”

VJ SELLEKin mustavalkoinen kasvokuva


VJ SELLEK (Tommi Mustaniemi) is a video artist, who has made visuals and projects with forefront Finnish artists since 2009. SELLEK constructs strong visual worlds that combine different styles. The creator is also known as an active graffiti artist, and their videos merge urban hip hop culture elements with the aesthetics of electornic music.

What are your expectations for the live competition?

“I’m excited and a tiny bit scared about the live occasion and the spontaneous visual celebration it brings forth. The unexpected and unpredictable music forces you to adapt and adjust with the current soundscape – and this is what the live VJ performances are about in their best and purest form.”

Teemu Raudaskosken mustavalkoinen kasvokuva

VJ Teemu Raudaskoski

Teemu Raudaskoski is a versatile artist, who is fluent in different genres from paintings to media art, animation, and music. In the VJ scene, Raudaskoski is still a newcomer, but they have a strong background with a lot of experience as a video artist. The creator finds moving visual worlds interesting especially for their breathing and organic visuality.

What are your expectations for the live competition?

“I’m joining the VJ competition with my sleeves rolled up and aiming to win, but also to have fun!”


The VJ Competition is organised by Tampere Film Festival in collaboration with Projio, Stereo:ID and Finlayson Area
The Competition is made possible by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and Suomen Kulttuurirahasto and Varma Pension Insurance Company.

The technical equipment has been supported by Kauko Oy, Jakopalvelu, Finnkino and Lippu.fi.

Thanks to all partners!