Sustainability Award Verso Jury 2023

Otto Ikävalko

Otto Ikävalko works as a sustainable development planner for the city of Tampere. He is involved in the experience economy development programme, in the Operation Pirkanmaa, the legacy project of the city’s European Capital of Culture bid, as well as in developing a more sustainable experience economy and culture in general. His and the city’s work is governed by the idea of implementing sustainable development into practise comprehensively in accordance with all four of its principles. Otto sees culture and experience economy as the bellwethers of the whole society’s journey towards a more sustainable future.

Anna-Katri Kulmala

Anna-Katri is a founder of Arctic Utopias – a collective focusing on the arctic, a film producer and an avid voice for a healthier human-nature relationship in her life and work. In the past years she has worked with sustainability in various fields ranging from NGO’s to activism. She is driven by an explorer mindset.

Anna-Katri is now immersing herself in exploring film’s capacity to spark societal change. She is curious and ambitious about the potential – and also pressure – of the film industry to better address ecological and social sustainability, because there won’t be blockbusters on a dead planet.

Wears the ugliest of fleece-wear when left alone.

Anne Puolanne

As a professional in the audiovisual field, Anne Puolanne’s core competencies include productions and sustainability. She works as a project manager in the Strategy on Sustainability of the trade association Audiovisual Producers Finland APFI, which heads the development of a more sustainable work environment in Finland. Aimed at the audiovisual field, the first phase of the strategy focuses on ecological sustainability of productions.

Puolanne is a founding member of NEMA (Nordic Eco Media Alliance), whose goal is to promote sustainability in the audiovisual field in the Nordic countries. From time to time, she also participates in shoots, having worked as a television freelancer for almost 12 years, mainly as a content creator.

Irene Tommiska-Jarva

Irene Tommiska-Jarva works as the compliance officer at Yle – the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Together with production companies, she has been developing a responsibility model for the creative field. The model will standardise the way in which Finnish production companies promote all aspects of responsibility. The new albert carbon calculator brings more energy to the sustainability thinking in audiovisual productions.

At Yle, the cornerstone of responsibility naturally has to do with content. In addition to paying attention to what we do, we assess the way we do from a responsibility viewpoint.

”Responsibility grows by experimenting.”